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[color="black" size="2"]Hi I was wondering how much you:

Leg Extension? Leg Flexion?

Leg Press?

Andy [/color]


  • Well a couple of things spring to mind, firstly as a power endurance athlete its not so much about how much you can lift - as about over how much time/repetitions. Secondly its also about form and stabilisation. For instance on a seated leg press you will always be able to lift more than you can on a squat, which again will be more than if you do a squat on a half balance ball/1 legged squat - although I would argue that the last of the exercises is the best for you as it engages all the smaller stabilisation muscles and core that help so much in all the disciplines.

    Just as an example, I used to row with a light weight rower who had rowed for GB and won silver at world champs. We used to do our weight sessions together and when we did power or max weights I used to be able to hammer him (being about 20kg heavier!), however we used to do this particular exercise (the most horrible session known to man - try it sometimes if your ever feeling sadistic!)

    4 x 60 Cleans

    4 x 60 Bench Press

    4 x 60 Squats

    210 Bench Pulls in 7 Minutes

    Just using a 35kg weights bar, but he could outdo me on all the weights, purely as his muscles were more adapted to the endurance side.

    Not sure if that has helped or not!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Zero is the answer..all the exercises you list are single joint/isolation exercises. fine if I am rehabbing an injury, for the first few sessions thereafter you need to train the muscles to do what you want them to do, in our multisport world that would be swim,run & bike. So lunges, multi directional, one legged, with roatation, single leg squats, power work as above, hip extension work..not in a machine, stability/core work..al in 3D. Train the movement, not the muscle.
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