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women's saddles and bruising!!

i was reading the post on saddle sore earlier - dont know whether its just bloke specific but have a question for any women. Sounds silly, but have any of you had actual bruising at the top (almost lower abdomen) from long rides [:(] and if so are there any helpful tips on stopping it. i have a good pair of cycle shorts already and am lost now if a bit tentative about getting on the bike for a hike!! Any advice from female cyclists on how to be semi-comfy at least would help! x


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 9
    I used to get sadlle sore when i first started but now its allot better.

    this sounds strange but I have a very hard thin seat and find that this works better for me. I have tried ASOS cream but prefer it without.

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I would look at your saddle tilt, it maybe a little upward, meaning any road impact is transmitted to your pubic bone which will not have much of a covering (I can feel mysellf sliding into deep & murky waters here) to absorb impact hence the bruising & tenderness, also do you have womens specific shorts? Many now do a different shaped shammy to suit different anatomy. Saddle fore & aft might need a look at as this effectively alters the seat tube angle & thus the angle of the sit bones to the torso & saddle. I shall habd over to Mr. Kenesis here...I hope.
  • Thanks for the advice. I haven't tried any cream or anything but I cant see that helping much as no problem with chaffing. I have women specific shirts and I do think they're quite good so I will look at saddle positioning and then if that doesn't work I will take your suggestion samantha and try a solid thin seat (opposite to what you'd think though isn't it?!).

    thanks again

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