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Matt Dawson off the hook

Did anyone watch the London footage this weekend?

Matt Dawson challenged Kate Silverton to go sub 1.30 for the Sprint and he would have a go next year.

Her time seem to be 1.29.51 on TV but actually came in at 1.30.01. Wonder if he has checked!!


Kate Silverton, mmmmmmmmm :)


  • grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    I not only saw it, I was on it!! Albeit for about half a second!

    Matt Dawson was a very odd choice of presenter in my opinion, at least get someone who has actually taken part in one, last years coverage was much better. Plus I've met Matt Dawson on quite a few occasions due to my love of rugby, he has not once come across as a likeable fellow, but that's just my opinion.

    Agreed, on Kate Silverton!
  • Is it just me or did he seem like he'd had one coffee too many (scarily enthusiastic and perhaps moderately deranged?) and also knew sod all about triathlon? My vote goes to Craig Doyle, at least he knows the sport, is an experienced TV / sport commentator and even competes in triathlons at a fairly high level! (Didn't he represent Ireland as an age-grouper?)
  • paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 67
    Craig Doyle did indeed compete for Ireland

    I actually thought Matt D did a good job. Was quite hyped up you are right, but if you want event to appeal to wider TV audience perhaps thats the right way to go.

    I was standing inside transition next to him, when the elite men came in from bike. I didn't clock immediately he was there to present, and assumed the brunette with him in jeans and white shirt was his gf :)

    Also, he tried to do a bit to camera on the bridge above the finish run in, but it never made the TV edit, probably cuz everyone kept coming over and he could never finish it! [:D]
  • Yes - I think that would have been much better if Craig Doyle had been presenting -

    One for the girls!

    mmmmmmmmm :)
  • The guy who normally does it was in bejing with the BBC
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