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Age-Group qualification races

Hi All!

Ok, don't laugh, but I fancy having a go next year at qualification for the age-group champs, so intend to enter the world and european qualification races. According to the website these are -

Little beaver on may 23rd

Strathclyde 26th July

And Jordans Bedford Classic triathlon on 19th july

with the euro qualification ones for the following year the strathclyde and JBCT plus wakefield.

Does anyone have any experience of these races? I don't think I will go for the strathclyde one, but I am not sure about the other two, whether to do either or both?

Also how quickly are these events going to fill up? I don't like entering races too early because of the fear of injury!

Also, apart from do well enough in the race and have a triathlon england membership is there anything else I have to do to qualify?



  • Hi there,

    I can't tell you anything about the races I'm afraid but I am really interested to know how it all works - sorry if this is a totally stupid question, but I have no idea[:o]

    How well do you have to do to qualify and how many races etc etc?

    I'm so far off this level but one day........
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I think, although correct me if I'm wrong, that its top 5 in your age group in one of the 3 races. Thats all i know!
  • thanks - well.. I think I'm a few seasons away from that sort of result - just finishing is good at the moment.

    best of luck with it!
  • Have a look at the BTA website under the heading AGE GROUP, everything is explained. Normally either 4/5 places are available at each qualyifing race. so if you dont suceed on the first attempt you will have to enter the next race. In each age group both male/female there are 20 places up for grabs. Firstly though you have to register your interest in applying for the GB Team to the BTA, that did cost £10, then you have to pay to enter the race/s. Its not cheap as you will have to pay for EVERYTHING, GB Kit, & ETU race fee. In Canada this year that cost CA$300, every race is different. But have a look and see what you think. Good Luck
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    TommiTri The races you have listed in your post are for the olympic distance World championships. This will be held in Australia's Gold Coast 2009, have you thought about the travel expense? plus the race entry fee will be a minimum £150, Australian Tri are trying to up this entry fee.

    The 2009 European Olympic distance tri is held in Holland, There is only one qualifier left to do, Northumberland Tri on Sept 14th 2008.

    If you fancy Long Course there are no qualifying races just qualifying times from races in the previous 12 months. The 2009 worlds are in Perth Australia and the Europeans in Prague , not too sure about the dates.

    You need to pre-register your intent to qualify for a GB team slot with BT which cost £10. There are x amount of places in each age group in each race but only to those people who have pre-registered to qualify.

    For example there could be 5 places available in you AG in a race, say there was 30 competitors in your AG but only 4 others plus yourself had pre-registered you could finish last in your AG but still be the 5th qualifier.

    Good luck.
  • Excellent thanks for the info guys, that was exactly what I need to hear! In regards to the expenses, its not exactly a money no object situation, but if i did manage to qualify I would find the money from somewhere!
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