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Out of curiosity, I'm entered for London this year and since I'm travelling from Scotland, what do most folk do to travel?

I'm considesing driving down, but how do I sort out the congestion charge? Do I fly, how do I make sure my bikes safe? Train, same issues.

What do others do?


  • deeessdeeess Posts: 150
    you only need to worry about congestion charge in the week during business hours if you go into central london. the london tri is run in docklands (east of city) so you won't get caught there
  • If I was travelling down that far, I'd be tempted to take the train. It will be stacks quicker and you won't be worn out before/after the race from driving.

    Dunno whereabouts in Scotland you are, but in my experience, bicycle storage areas on Virgin and National Express are generally reasonably secure. The guards either have to lock/unlock the doors to get to them, or you can sit quite close to that bit of the train and keep an eye yourself. Give the operator a call and find out what the set-up is. Also, as you have a few months before you're travelling, you can get in early and find a bargain ticket.

    Getting from Euston/Kings Cross to Docklands with a bike could be more straightforward – you can't take it on the tube. Not sure how happy cabs are to transport cycles, either. But there's a bike-friendly overland service from Caledonian Road (not too far from either station) that will take you east to Stratford, where you can pick up the DLR to ExCeL.

    Flying sounds like too much hassle to me.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Cycle down, you wuss. [:D]
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