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Who's a triathlete now.....

Well done mate. I did it too. My time was 1:15.39.

7.46 - Swim

2.45 - T1

39.01 - Bike

1.17 - T2

24.47 - Run

I was pretty pleased with that. For next year I aim to lower the swim by a min or so, lower the bike by 4-5 mins and lower the run (my weakest discipline) by 2 mins. So next year looking for a sub 1:10.00 sprint.

Winner did it in 56 mins.


  • .... Me!

    Did the Eton Super Sprints on Saturday and really pleased despite the wind trying to blow me off my bike at every opportunity!

    Got there with less time than I wanted but just enough to sort everything out and have a bit of a warm up. Had a really good position in transition right next to bike out and bike in so not too far to run in bike shoes.

    Put my wetsuit on when I realised there were alot of people in my wave with them already on, still calm. Check transition again and then head of the join the queue for getting into the lake. Temp not too bad but had to tread water for about 5 mins waiting for start. I went to front of start as didn't want anyone kicking me in the face and sod it if someone behind is slower (although two girls next to me were talking about a steady breaststroke round the course!)

    Horn went and I worked hard on the swim, out I come with about 5 people in front of me - woah!

    Not expecting the dizziness and disorietation as I take my wetsuit off, after what seems like 5 mins, I'm out on the bike.

    Oh dear, lost count of all the people overtaking. I have never cycled in wind so strong at a course so open, too scared to go on my aero bars as a little wobbly just on drops from the wind (I'm obviously far too light [;)]). Work hard on last lap to make sure no one else overtakes and finally finish. Yey the run my favourite part.

    Toes have gone numb on bike so struggle to get shoes on in T2, haven't tucked ends of elasticated laces in but decide it took so long to put shoes on I'll let them flap.

    And I'm out on the run, wow do my legs hurt. I don't feel like I'm going fast at all but I'm passing people all the time - this is great! Coming to end of first lap and go wrong way and have to turn back and go around barrier - a few seconds delay now. Finally see the finish and try and pick up with whatever energy I have left. Finish - My body is dead! That's hhow its meant to be.

    Really pleased overall.


    Swim - 6.39

    T1 - 1.34

    Bike - 45.31

    T2 - 1.11

    Run - 21.02 (could of gone under 21 had I not made wrong turn)

    Overall = 1.16.00

    Definitely need to work on my bike leg but pleased with my first one. Training has paid off!

    Hope anyone else racing this weekend had some good results!

  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Well done to all, a chuffing windy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SFULLER, do you realise that you won your age catagory??????????!!!!!!!!
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Well done :D good times too, especially considering the weather.
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    sounds like you both did well. Congrats :)
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    MG wrote:
    SFULLER, do you realise that you won your age catagory??????????!!!!!!!!

    Well done sfuller

    But in fairness to happytofinish, coming fourth in your age category on the first go, and in a much more competitive group than sfuller's (you would have been second if you were male and a bit younger [:)]), was really really impressive. You beat the winner of your category on the swim and the run - so it's the bike to work on!

    For a first go, your Transition times looked to be pretty good too - again, up there with the winner of your category.

    Very impressed! You should be very pleased - and definitely more than happy to finish. Super.
  • ScibbyScibby Posts: 55
    Well Done sfuller and happytofinish

    Me too!!! 1.32.53 yesterday... What a day!!!

    Swim: 10min... struggled all the way through - could not get into rhytm and wasted lots of energy. Lesson learnt: swimming in a slimey lake is NOT the same a swimming in the lovely clear mediterranean! Not seeing ahead of me really really freaked me out. Oh and it was cold....

    Bike: Really bad head wind in the back straight. Peddling really hard and incredibly computer saying 21 km per hour. SHITE - Result: 53 min (but i think this includes transistions). Lesson learnt: Must work on power (or is it strength? or strength endurance???).

    Run: 29min... Took ages to get into running shoes as my feet had become ice blocks. Struggled for the first 5 mins as could not feel my lower legs . AT ALL. Today have badly bruised ankles. My bf helpfully remarked - i don't know what was wrong with you but it didn't look pretty! Lessons learnt: maybe should incorporate ice baths in between my brick sessions???

    Overall strangely enjoyable. Slightly dissappointed in times but not too far off what I was hoping for (1.30). My excuse is that training has been all over the place last month due to change in career etc etc!!!

    But mostly very very scared at the amount of work left to do in prep for the next: OD for London Tri...


  • Well done everyone. We should all be pleased - it was the windiest of weekends ever!

    Gonna try and get as much saddle time now before Windsor OD in a few weeks! eek!
  • cw_74cw_74 Posts: 11
    Good skills! I also did Eton on Saturday (my second ever triathlon) and loved it, especially the experience of swimming in a lake - although I was a bit dizzy when walking up the ramp and nearly fell back in!!

    Got round in 1hr 11m 37s

    8:04 Swim (weakest event)

    2:19 T1

    37:26 Bike

    1:05 T2

    22:40 Run

    I am taking part in the Thames Turbo next monday then Blenheim, Gosfield and London so hopefully by the end of my triathlon season I can look back with pride and see a fall in my times!!

    Cheers all and good luck in your next event


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