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happy days

I have a 9 mile loop ride I do ( not as often as I should). From my house, up and over Epsom Downs, past Queens Stand, down into another village and up the other side ( another climb) , lovely country lanes for a few miles then a 2 mile climb past fields and farm houses and then I pop out into the village next to mine.

I love riding it cos it has everything, flat bits where I can hit 30mph, down hill bits where I can hit 50mph and hills where I can hit 7mph!!!

Anyway, I am well chuffed cos I did 4 loops over lunchtime today and I took 4 mins of my normal time. For me that is pretty good going….. so I am going to attack it again tomorrow and see what happens. Think I could go a bit faster too.

Sitting here with a big smile on my face. Just thought I’d share

Motivated now - running this PM


  • did i read this wrong or did you say you did 36 miles at lunch? how long is your lunch break?
    And 50mph, rapid!!!
  • I'm work shift work so I am off today - LOL

    I'm not that fast........ the WAT officer is also off so she took the kids to the park so I could do a bit on the bike.
  • that makes me feel slightly more human, I was there thinking that you were scooting off for a 36 mile bike trip in your lunch hour, I was beginning to think I was sharing this forum with a future world champ.

    I am also in the Surrey area and while I commend the countryside for its challenging hilly courses, I, in the same breath curse the council for their appauling road surfaces.
  • Oh mate I know - I feel as though my bike is going to fall apart on some of the roads.

    Awful just awful
  • I especially like the pot holes that are quite literally "killers" being that they are 4 inches deep and stretch 4 feet into the road, leading to that instant fear in your head when travelling at 40mph of "if there is a car behind me I am screwed" being that you are either going to hit the hole or the car because there is no way that you can stop in time!
  • SwizzlenapSwizzlenap Posts: 160
    I did exactly the same and read that with massive surprise, 36 miles in a lunch hour!! Thought you'd put my Sunday ride to Box Hill from London into the pathetic category

    And I sympathise with the roads. I regularly have my pump rattled out of my frame round where I live and have to go back and retrieve it!!
  • CCSCCS Posts: 53
    Sounds like a great ride - and 50 mph down hill!!! (I am still too scared to take the brakes off...)

    I also sympathise about the Surrey roads. Did a ride from Woking to Witley today (both ways but with a lunch break and a bit of work in between). It is really noticeable how rough the roads are when I got the other side of Guildford - never mind all the pot holes - even the basic road surface seems to shake you around!
    (...and riding through the multi-lane system in Guildford city centre is an interesting experience...)
  • gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    you should try berkshire - they're shite! went out for 30 minutes and it rattled the handle of my pump - now need to take it to SBR and say "look it says lifetime warranty"
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