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Stress Fractures

I competed at the Little Woody a week last Saturday and at the beginning of the run had real bad pains on the top of my left foot - this carried on for most of the run but managed to blank it out for the latter part of the last loop. Anyway ever since its been very painful and so I gave in and went to docs last Friday - only to be told that I have either:-

a) have a stress fracture in the foot
b) aggravated the foot in some way (Over stressed it)

So all he has said is to rest it until it feels better and take painkillers/ibuprofen when needed - he says I am not to run until at least a week after all pain has gone but I can cycle and swim so long as I get no pain.

So all in all a bit of a wasted time at the docs ...

Any further advice from anyone on here on painful, possible sress fracture on foot ?

Ohh and to top it off I was all set to go on a bike ride Sat morning when I came down with a 24 hour bug ... projectile vomiting and sweating buckets ... joys ... almost over that now though ... so still no exercise .. hopefully tomorrow.



  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I thought I was getting one a few weeks ago. A stress fracture is like metal fatigue I have been informed (from my dad, a doctor who has suffered one) and if you stop running on it when it hurts and before it fractures it should heal in a couple of weeks. Stress fractures are apparently very hard to diagnose as they can't be seen on x-rays well/at all. My pain went after a fortnight.

    I have injured my toe in another way now however, not sure what it is but unlikley to be a fracture, but it hurts like hell when swimming, so have to swim with a pull buoy and no legs. Bear this in mind when you do a swim session.
  • 45CDO45CDO Posts: 44
    I've had three of these and the treatment was just as you described - stop running and rest.
  • I got exactly this a few months ago after increasing the intensity of running. I didn't bother going to docs and rested for a few days, tried a short run and it then started to really hurt. Couldn't do anything for about 2 weeks after that. Rest cured it.

    Afraid to say best thing is to do exactly that, rest and wait.
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