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A tring report! Langport 20th september

Hi Folks

A small report on the weekend's race!

So this was my third race and I do believe i am getting faster! I have no time's to basis this on yet but the bike leg felt great! It almost felt like i was ripping it apart.

So back to the event from start to finish,

The morning dawned and the weather was great sunny with no wind but not to hot, Had to recheck the calender as this could never be September in Britain.
Packed the car with Ikea blue for transtion full of the kit I gathered together the night before and put Flossie in the boot (thats my bike).
Arrived at the event with no hassle at all and was one and hald hours early so loads of time to check out transtion and the pool. Registered and got marked up with my number 197.
I racked my bike and because I was the first to get to my area as it was early i was able to set out my stuff with space and the side i wanted to. Kit set up and a slow walk down the transition area to perve on some lovely bikes. Planet x, felt's and a very expensive looking LOOK

I got changed and made my way to the pool and took in the atmosphere. The swim started and I was flying, over took 2 guys in my lane in 2 lenghts. Them the dreaded cramp hit me in the foot. Cue slight pause at the end of the length to sort out the cramp and the 2 guys retook me. The next swim issue for me was lack of air and breathing trouble due to me trying to get back the 45 seconds I took to cure the cramp.

Out of the pool and the long run to the bike. Got to the bike and a slick transtion and its out on the bike, I am feeling a bit weird about the swim issues and fing that with my mind on other stuff my speed is alot higher than normal. The course is over before i know it.
Rack the bike and slip on the trainers god i love those lock laces.
Off on the run and my lord it seemed like a long 2.5K to the turn. So I make the turn a slurp down some water. The final part was good and i finished strongly.

A ggod event and the marshalls did a good job but it was shame they did not have a chip system.

I will post the time when comes in!


  • Nice one Baz!

    Can you identify any reason for the cramp? Nice work though, another one notched up!
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Hey Dave

    I am not totally sure 2 things come to mind that are different to normal

    1. I took a gel 20 m ins before I started.

    2. We had to wait on the pool side for around 25 mins before the swim start and it was an outdoor pool. The water was warm is but the pool side was in shadow and blood colld on the feet with it being a bit wet and concrete.

    Any thoughts on that?

    The rest of my prep was a normal.
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