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Endurancelifre Coastal Trail Series

Looking at some winter running events, and thinking about soing some of these, http://www.endurancelife.com/event.asp?series=29, maybe working up from 10k to half-marathin to marathin, or going for it and doing the 7×7x7.

But before I book, has anyone done any, and if so what are they like?


  • I haven't done any yet but I have signed up for the whole series at 10K. It was herself's ideas although why she couldn't just go to town to buy a black T-shirt I don't know.

    If you do sign up for a few let me know.
  • I've signed up for four initially, Half marathons at Dorset, Gower, Portland and Pembrokeshire. If first couple go well then I'll book into the other three as well, I'm a sucker for a black t shirt. Having spoken to the organiser, also got the option to step up to marathon if feeling good on the day, or if knackered, then can downgrade to 10k
  • DavidHDavidH Posts: 47
    I raced the Portland event this year.
    Was a great event, good, friendly atmosphere.
    The course was pretty tough, especially the last 2 - 3k on the shingle along chesil beach.
    Will be there again next year.
  • DavidH, what distance did you do?
  • DavidHDavidH Posts: 47
    I just did the 10k (which actually worked out closer to 13k on GPS).
    Kind of a good job as I was full of flu at the time.
  • First one this Saturday

    TRIumphant come and say hello afterwards - you'll be off well before me.

    Anyone else going to be there?
  • Ashthetash, I will do. However, you may well have to wait for me before we can meet up. I've got a 10:30 start for the half marathon, and you've got a 12:00 start for the 10k, 1:30 may not be sufficient for the extra distance, so whoever's first over the line, keep a bowl of chilli-and-rice for the other.
  • I'll be there on Saturday; for the marathon. Did last year's HM series. Each event is great and the courses fun some even more demanding than others. Just be prepared for slow times and some hidden extras, even on the 10ks!
  • not venturing out until March at the Pembs cosatal trail (10k) so look forward to seeing some of you - I'll be the one with the 2+hrs 10k
  • TRIumphant, Reda27 - you coming out to play this weekend?

    Home advantage for at least one of you.

    Anyone else going for a dirty weekend in Wales?
  • I'll be there. Looking forward to it, knowling LLangennith well, it'll be a hard one. Think I need to change my shoes from trail shoes, as I struggled on some of the ups and downs in Dorset. I've got myself a pair of Inov-8's, and been breaking them in over the last couple of weekends, so hopefully they will be better.

    I was very tempted to step up and have a go at the marathon distance, checked the weather forecast, and thought fcuk that. Full wet weather and thermals required I think.
  • I've got myself a pair of Inov-8's, and been breaking them in over the last couple of weekends, so hopefully they will be better.
    Strange - I did exactly the same. I was amazed at how much better they were in the mud.
  • See you all in the morning, weather permitting.
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