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Profile Airstryke / handlebar problems

I have just bought some airstryke aerobars and they wont fit my ritchey handlebars safely due to the taper from OS to standard being right where the aero mounts to the bars.

Do i need to buy new handlebars for a safe fit? If so can anyone help recommend handlebars with a good portion of OS across the middle?


  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    I would say that ignoring the size mismatch and fitting them anyway will only cause problems (not enough clamp area and too much strain on the contact points) so I would change the cheaper of the 2. Is the airstryke a new purchase that you could return and try another aero bar with two individual bars or more adjustment?
  • Returing them probably isnt possible. Could always ebay them or whatever, but i like the design with the flip up pads so i can still use the tops or the handlebars.
    Have found some FSA handlebars that state they are clip on compatible, what are FSA bars like?
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