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Triathlon Bargains - share the love!

I thought to start a new thread about good value cheap goods related to triathlon.
Anything from hidden gems on ebay/other on-line shops to sales at Aldi/Lidl.
Not your usual 10%-30% discounts but special and unusual bargains.

To start the thread I'd like to share an amazing discovery I made recently.
Bolle have a range of safety glasses, which are ridiculously cheap - they can be bought at numerous places on line (google "Bolle safety glasses"), I bought mine on ebay:
http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/wiwuk_Eye ... ec0Q2em322

With limited sun in the coming months I was looking for something appropriate and bought the Bolle Contour ESP for £7.65 including shipment! They seem to be authentic Bolle, with pouch and documentation, and have good reviews. There are numerous models to choose from.

Now share the love and lets get those posts rolling!

P.S. I don't work for Bolle!


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