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Wetsuit advice


I'm new to the forum so apologies if I'm going over old new ground.

I did my first (sprint) tri last year and really enjoyed it. This year I want to do some more, including an Olympic distance Tri. I've had real difficulty finding a wetsuit in my size (6' 7") and price range. What is the advantage of a full suit rather than a sleeveless / john suit? Would it make much difference to a novice like me? I'm just competing against myself rather than trying to win trophies.

Any advice appreciated!


  • Nick, I am a short arse so sorry, I can't advise you on very large wetsuits. What I can say is that triathlon wetsuits almost always have full arms and legs. They also use a thicker grade of neoprene than surfing suits, making them both more insulating and more buoyant. I would always use a full suit for OW swimming in UK waters. Jumping into Salford Quays in May is cold enough without having exposed arms and legs!!
  • Thanks mate!
  • AlgarniAlgarni Posts: 46
    I think it is definately worth having a full suit as the bouyancy helps with technique in the water and aids the roll in the stroke.

    Even in the warm waters in New Zealand it can get pretty cold on the arms with a sleevless suit.

    You can see a company called terrapin who custom fit your suit for you at a pretty decent price. Might be worth a go.

    Good Luck for the next year.
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