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Bike Maintenance Course

I know we go on about how good Mike from Bridgtown cycles is, and yes there are other fantastic LBS's out there, but having been on a bike maintenance rookie day at Bridgtown cycles on Sunday he deserves another shout!

The day was a revelation and in the afternoon we were building a bike from scratch. Previously my knowledge has been just enough to change a tyre (badly), but yesterday I fitted some new wheels, stripped down my cassette and gave it a thorough clean then indexed my gears all succesfully!

If you were like me (and lets face it most of us triathletes know very little about bikes), and scared of making things worse, then I can't recommend going on a course enough be it at Bridgtown or anywhere you can find one. I'm sure that the £90 I spent for the day will be paid back in LBS savings within a couple of months easily!

Money well spent.


  • Its easy when you know how
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    another attendee of the btwon bike maintenance course and got to agree with flava.

    being able to put the things that we saw mike explain into practice with a frame and box of bits (which turned into a working bike in about 3h) was a great for confidence.

    if other shops aren't doing this then i think there is a suggestion that btown might do another later in the year.
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