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Adding road bars or clip on aerobars


Another newbie asking daft questions!

I have a GT ZUM 2 (2007) hybrid bike and I wanted to know if I could do anything to this to make it a bit more tri suitable?

I'm doing the Thame tri in July (my first). It's only 10k on the bike and I can't yet bring myself to start spending the money.

Is it possible/have any benefit to fit road bars or clip on aero bars onto this? It's basically a mountain bike with thin /slick wheels?



  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I think that the most effective thing you could do is what you seem to have done and put on slick road tyres on there, after that, remove any lights mudguard pannier etc and you should be ok. I wouldn't think that you would be able to get any aero benefit by sticking clip ons on a hybrid due to the position (but i could be wrong). I'd just say get out there, enjoy it and see how it goes, then start thinking about eh blinged up red and black carbon beast of a tt machine that will be inevitable!
  • The bike leg at Thame is REAL flat - a fast out & back, & there were a few mountain bikes there last year. You will be whizzed past by peeps on speedier machines tho, so long as you don't mind...
    See you there this year!
  • ....there's no such thing as a daft question.....

    .....the daft heads are the ones that don't ask!
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I have actually seen an MTB with aerobars on - I suppose that as long as the bike is set up then some benefit could be gained - hey why not give it a go.

    Echo Gary and MD6
  • I did my first tri on a hybrid and did what was recommended above -slick tyres, lost the mudguards and lights, etc. Didn't try out tri-bars though so can't really tell what sort of improvement they would make. What made the biggest difference though was a buddy of mine with a bit more cycling experience raised the saddle height and dropped the handlebars so that I was in a much more forward leaning and aggressive position - it felt that way anyway. Also clip-in pedals are worth a shot - you can get pedals with clips-in on one side and flat on the other so you can still commute on the hybrid after you've done your first tri and decide you have to bling up!
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