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Please Please Please spare 30 secs...

Hi everyone,

I need your help to secure a £2500 donation for Help for Heroes......

I am a member of a team hoping to enter this year’s Drambuie Pursuit, an endurance race being held in Scotland. If our team “Riff RAF” is voted in the top 5 we are guaranteed a place in the event, however if we have the most votes by 31st March, £2500 will automatically be donated to our charity Help for Heroes.

Please give us your support - best of all it is completely free to vote!


The Drambuie Pursuit will take place in May and will be televised on ITV4 during July. All the team members have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan in recent years and see this event as the perfect way to generate money and some much needed awareness for our wounded soldiers.

Join us on Facebook :

http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2 ... amp;ref=mf

Keep up with the gossip on Twitter :


Donations are always appreciated :

http://www.justgiving.com/HelpForHeroes ... uiePursuit

Please forward this message to all your colleagues, friends & family and show your support for Help for Heroes.

All the best,

Adam Grant

8 Sqn

RAF Waddington


  • Done

    In 6th at present.
  • Fox5Fox5 Posts: 21
  • Voted.

    Great cause, good luck!
  • Done

    Good luck
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Added mine too. Good luck with it!
  • Me too. Great cause. Good luck to you all.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Vote cast!

    Good luck team RIF RAF! A great cause and well worth a vote.
  • done
  • Thank you to all you guys who have voted so far... We are now rapidly catching up with the team in 5th thanks to everyone who's been voting. Keep them coming in if you have a spare minute and help try and keep this post near the top of the forum to 'rally in the troops'.

    Thanks again...

    With the resounding support we've had in the last few days, top spot and a secured £2500 donation to H4H could be possible... Keep voting!

  • AtomicAtomic Posts: 126
    Voted and good luck.
  • And another
  • done - well done
  • bulletbullet Posts: 115
    i've voted as well .

    Great cause
  • grantygranty Posts: 5

    Thanks to all who have voted so far... I see some similar names from the tritalk forum here too...

    We really need to keep the ball rolling if we are to guarantee getting into the race...

    Please keep up the support and spread the word if you can... (Email around your workplace, tweet it, make it your facebook status... all help greatly appreciated)

    Thanks so far
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Nice one mate - hope you get in!! Get your shiney RAF REMF arse over to Tritalk to drum up some support, theres a large crowd over there, could see you catapulting clear of the competition!!!!
  • hitman786hitman786 Posts: 37
    I always support healthy activities, good luck!
  • grantygranty Posts: 5
    by MG » Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:49 pm

    Nice one mate - hope you get in!! Get your shiney RAF REMF arse over to Tritalk to drum up some support, theres a large crowd over there, could see you catapulting clear of the competition!!!!
    Thank you MG for your encouraging words!!! This post is on tritalk and has been for some time. It's beginning to drum up some support; however, have had the valuable advice that it needs to be named in such a way that it encourages people to read it and follow the link as opposed to simply disregarding thinking it is spam...

    I changed the name of the thread from simply 'Drambuie Pursuit' to the 'Please Please....' (Begging post!) and it seemed to get a few more hits...

    It's just that people see charity and think I'm asking for money, or see a link, and think it's something dodgy... Any thoughts that could encourage folk to open and follow link?

    That's why I've been asking guys to make it their facebook status/tweet it/make it their signature... so that people see it and know it's legit...

    If you change your signature to say it, all past/present and future posts display it too, which is handy!!

    All thoughts and advice appreciated, and keep spreading the word...
  • grantygranty Posts: 5
    We're now in 4th place...

    Big thanks to all who have voted so far on here...

    Keep up the support please, it is much appreciated!!!

    I see some guys facebook status' have changed to show support for us... thanks for that.

    Keep spreading the word
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Voted. You are still in fourth place though...
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Granty you big gay.........

    Iv voted too.......

    CH - Granty is a blooming Officer too....far too much money for his own good! lol!

    Are you doing RAF champs dude??
  • pippip Posts: 170
    I`m in
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