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Numb Nuts !

I've had my road bike (Focus Cayo 105) for about a year now and it is ok except for the numb nuts I'm suffering !

This is much more since I've started using the aero bars(the last couple of months) and have tried to set the bike up more to suit the aero position. I've basically raised the seatpost to get my leg extensions correct and my back as straight as possible. I read somewhere to move the saddle forward or tilt it slightly ..... the saddle is as far forward as possible, if I tilt the seat forward I find I'm sliding down and always pushing myself back up.

Has anyone else suffered this problem and what did you do to cure it ?


  • danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    I've never gone fully numb but have had some bloodflow problems when you rotate forward. The saddle you've got on there is probably a road version which plans on your sit bones being on the middle third of the area. In your aero bars, you're going to be on the not-so-cushioned tip of the saddle. There are a dozen different brands all making good TT saddles, but you need to try some out and see which ones are going to be ok for you.
  • Sounds like the bars may be a little on the low side (or perhaps the saddle a little too high). Important to remember thhat if you make an adjustment to the back end of the bike, there nearly always needs to be an adjustment at the front.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I had the same problem a while back, I found that i had too much pressure on the saddle as it was too high. I changed saddle for one with more padding at the nose to make it more comfy and dropped the saddle a tiny bit and moved it a touch forward. The best way to stop the numbness is to stand up for a little while, the blood soon flows back and you regain some feeling.
  • gparkergparker Posts: 11
    Thanks for all that lads (I assume it's all lads !) ....

    I'm out on the bike after work this evening so will tweak the height of the saddle and aero bars .... we'll see from there .... I may look at getting a TT saddle if that doesn't work but they are a tad expensive ...
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    a lot of people on the tritalk forum swear by the adamo saddle, the price is steep but take a look - its an interesting concept:

  • gparkergparker Posts: 11
    The tweak in the saddle post height has helped matters .... it'll be fine for Sprint Tri's ... not doing any Olympics till later in the summer so will decide on a saddle change then ....

    Thanks for all the suggestions ....
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