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Hi All,
I am doing my first HIM this year - Bala Midlle Distance.

I have been training loosely following a 20 week training programme. It has a long taper of about 4 weeks. Many other plans taper for 2 ish weeks.

Just wondering...being 3 weeks out this weekend, I'm looking to do a long ride (lovely weather forecast) of about 60-80 miles (with friends) is this too much for 3 weeks out? If I taper at 2 weeks I would be doing my highest milage at this point anyway?

Any thoughts? Really looking for some guidance from all you experienced folk out there!
Many thanks


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    caveat: I am not experienced at 70.3! And I know nothing!

    Given MY 70.3 schedule has me doing a 4 hour ride a fortnight before the race, and a 3 hour ride a week before and just 1 week's taper I reckon you'd be fine presuming the distance you are talking about won;t be a strain for you e.g. twice the max distance you have cycled before.

  • MaccladMacclad Posts: 16
    Again I have no experience of the HIM.

    But I did a marathon once and the last long run before that was 2wks before the event. and I felt fine (at least for the first half)

  • Although you might want to reduce a little of the volume 4-3 weeks out and replace it with some slightly more intense training, the research would suggest that 2 weeks of tapering should be fine.

    Remember to also taper carb-loading in the days before the race. Many people will increase carb intake in the 4 hours before the race only. Research shows that actually muscle glycogen stores can stay higher than normal for up to 5 days after 3 days of car loading. I would suggest that if the race is on Sunday, you have a high carb intake for some of Wednesday, all of Thursday and Friday, but then taper down intake over sat. This will leave you feeling comfortable and ready for breakfast on Sunday morning.

    It would be interesting to know how you find this, you can even practice it before your next long ride.


  • JellybabyJellybaby Posts: 180
    If you're tapering and eating the same as normal then carb loading is completely unnecessary. If you've cut down the amount you eat because you aren't training as much then you may need to carb-load, but if your diet hasn;t changed then your glycogen stores will be plenty full enough withuot having to resort to bloating yoruself with pasta for days before
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