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Open water swim 'courses'

Hi everyone

Does anyone know or been on an open water supervised training session Kent or Sussex area, lakes ideally.

I have found the Rick kiddle one at Heron lake near windsor - any good? Any others about?

I haven't ventured in to the open yet but have wetsuit all ready to go - but would like a bit of tuition on my first dip in.

Any recommends would be great.

Cheers all



  • I haven't been to any of their open water swims, but the Sevenoaks triathlon club have open water sessions at Haysden Lake, Tonbridge from May to the end of September from 7pm - 8pm (or dusk if earlier). Free to members. £2 to non-club members - however they must be current members of the BTA and produce their card when signing in.

    I think that you can also swim at Bewl Water in Kent, but I'm not sure who organises it.

  • trowantrowan Posts: 2
    hi ian,

    i found this recently. sounds like what you are after, they offer open water courses and are based in ashford. hope it helps. www.sleekerswim.com


  • Thanks guys thats perfect. booking now
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