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Trainer Required


have done 2 sprints this year and really want to do a 70.3 next year.

does anyone know a good trainer that offers online programmes for tri.

i train by myself so i need someone to kick my behind to get me moving.

my 30 mile round trip on the bike to work is not enough i have done a couple of 30-40-and 50 milers but it is dull with jut an IPOD for company so i need a kick up the arse.



  • I use the tacx fortius, this allows me to map the tri, duathlon I will be doing (using mapmyride.com) download it to the TT2 software (an additional cost from Tacx) then the route is displayed using google earth to show you where you are, also shows elevation.
    The trainer automatically adjusts the pressure against the back wheel to replicate the hills, it also spins the back wheel when going down hill by calculating your speed, weight and gradiant.
    I find the course times are pretty close to what I expect to do.

    Never get bored using it especially as I show either BBC or sky player on the PC at the same time ;o)

    Afraid its not cheap though.
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    I read into this as though he was looking for coaching by a "trainer"

    Even a downloaded training program is nt going to shout at you Sgt Major style and unless the trainer is going to live with you 24hrs a day you have to be self motivated.

    The guy who coaches the Brownlees made a very good point in this months mag about how they look after themselves the majority of the time with him observing technique and commenting as required.
  • Quitter you got it right mate.

    don't get me wrong i am self motivated, i just need the kick up the arse and the programme to push me to the extra distances needed.

    looking at florida 70.3 in may as my bro lives over there.

    and need something to pul me through winter to Jan Feb when i can start my programme for 70.3

    buti want someone with the experience to push me on and adjust a personal programme for me.

    i got 6 kilos to get off before i can really start pushing my run past 10km at the mo.

  • Dave

    I'm a L3 BTF coach and coached Joe Spurgeon in the 220 series / features on Beginners Tri for the London Triathlon and have coached all abilities for sprint to IM. You can get in touch for more info if you are interested

  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144

    I was thinking I was going to need someoine to shout at me! I think that is why I started the face book page. If I put my training out there for all to see its got to be maintained. I would be embaressed if I stopped or just gave up with the level of training. I suppose its trial by public jourey!

    I also downloaded MI coach from addidas and use it with my running. It tells you when you missed a schedules training session and has audio trainer to keep you training (iphone app.)

    Have you considered a local club for your cycle and runs?
  • why do you need one trainer? have you lost a leg?

    Total respect dude, it must be hard doing tri with one leg...now hop it!
  • Not sure i get the joke.......

    but i will laugh anyway
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    purely going on your opening post, and reading no doubt poorly between the lines the main (sole?) requirement is for a trainer is for motivation, rather than individual planning etc.

    In which case, blinkybaz pretty much has it ... you don;t need to pay someone £50 and upwards a month or whatever... you just need to find a "Jiminy Cricket" that works for you.

    And - WADR - coughing cash to a coach won;t really make you train - what are they going to do if you still don;t get out and do it? Tell you off ? - oooooo! Tell you NOT to waste your £50 a month after all (possibly the best advice you'll get from them ;-) ? If the financial outlay is the motivation 9ie I am paying for it so I had better do it), then why not pledge £50 a month to a charity close to your beliefs etc, and tell your self the kids/animals/amoeba/one parent bus shelters will SUFFER if you don;t fulfill your schedule properly which means you [email protected] pay this month's £50.

    Just an idea

  • If the only problem is motivation, rather than knowing how to correct flaws in technique etc, then it might be better to join a club or try to train with someone else - preferably someone at the same or a slightly better level. This makes it harder to avoid training ie you will be letting someone down, and it stops you backing off once the going gets a bit tough. Just an idea...
  • Thank you all for your replies.

    Take the money out of this.

    My need is personal development i.e. i don't know Tri specific training. I don't know what i need to do to get there. I am using the 12 week to 70.3 that was printed in Triathlon Europe but i am just using the first 4 weeks over the winter for maintenance but i am tweaking it where necessary.

    I am also a personal trainer myself but not triathlon specific maybe my first post was misleading on the motivation. i need someone to guide me past my limits to the next limit etc.

    But hey all useful advice thanks guys
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