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open water venues

[8D][:)][:D]open water swimming venues

does anyone know of any open water swim venues for training purposes? maybe we could start a list...myself and others from 1485 tri and coventry tri , and rugby tri usually swim at bosworth water park saturday mornings 7am til 9am only from may til sept but we have to get permission every year from the owners...which we will be seeking again this season hopefully.we also have to keep a register and sign in and out...it usually costs about £2 it would be helpfull to have a list of venues....Pity the B.T.A dont get involved. maybe they could get off their backside and promote venues or something... [8D][:)][:D]


  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Not forgetting your Scottish cousins [;)] would be great if we could get something similar from the STA - I understand that, legally, access to bodies of water in Scotland differs from that in England but a list of suitable lochs would be ideal !!

    If anyone near Aberdeen fancies getting together for some open water training, let me know and we'll see what we can get organised !
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    I mainly use Salford Quays again from May - Sept, however i also use blackpool sea when the weather allows....my mate is getting a Kayak and says he will "marshal" me over the summer - if anyone wants to come along when the weather improves, the more the safer!
  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    I'm booked in for some open water lessons in April at Roydon Mill on the Essex/Herts. Border. Its about 7 or 8 miles north of the M25 for anyone in the area that's interested.

    Ideal for me as its about 5miles from where I live!

  • Hi Wella. That's not too far for me either. Is there a website for the open water swim course you're booked on? Thanks.
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Great idea anyone near Inverness interested? strength in numbers.
  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    Hi Cat.

    Its the swimfortri website. The link below should take you to the Roydon page.


    They run open sessions, most of which are fully booked, and technique sessions. I'm booked in for the April/May technique sessions which are 4 sessions for £50. Bargain in my eyes seeing as I've not had a swimming lessons since I was 10!

    Might see you there. Where are you based?
  • Thanks Wella. I'll have a look and try to book something. I'm based near Chesham, so it's not exactly on my doorstep, but not a million miles away either. I reckon it's probably an hour's drive. I'll let you know which course I get booked on. Bummer - just had confirmed today that the foot injury I've been carrying for the past 6 weeks is in fact a stress fracture so I'm off running for another 6 weeks minimum - at least it forces me to concentrate on the other 2! Cat.
  • JulieMacJulieMac Posts: 30
    Hello hello
  • JulieMacJulieMac Posts: 30
    Woops! Didn't mean to do that! Thats a good 1 st post if ever I saw one!

    Open water [:)] I've just moved back to Dorset from the beautiful coastal county of Pembrokeshire where I was 2 min drive from the beach and sadly don't know the water too well down here. Its a bit cold for one Brrr. For another as of yet I haven't joined a club. I am a very keen open water swimmer and spent virtually the whole summer last year in the water and would like to do the same this one but...... Safty in numbers and all that plus, which beaches are good or not.

    If theres anyone out there whos from the area and has good local knowledge or just people who are looking for a sea swimming buddy. My 1500m time is 25 min.

    I'm from North Dorset but work in Wareham/Swanage. The beach at Swanage looks like a good option as it a good length for long swims but my guess is it will be heaving in the summer
  • rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    Wella, Catwoman,

    Thanks for that info on the Saturday morning sessions with Swim for Tri - I did not know about them. Dan Bullock is an excellent coach and teacher (he was one of the tutors on our BTA Coaching Level 1 course last fall) and it's worth the travel (I'm coming over from Hackney, but hey there's no traffic on a Saturday morning, right?) to be coached by the top guy in the country (yes, BTA Coach of the Year).

    Did you know that there are also Tuesday evening open water swim training sessions at Roydon Lake, run by some really friendly and helpful people from RG Active, in conjunction with the Tri and Run shop (see http://www.triandrun.com/page.php?id=6)? I did a series of sessions with them last year and it made a HUGE difference to my swim start and overall performance in the swim section. Even the idea of being able to thrash it out in the middle of a pack of 40-44 year-old experienced triathletes (has anyone else noticed how a mid-life crisis turns us all into petulent teenagers) without wasting energy, getting too tired or losing valuable time would have been unthinkable before the sessions with RG Active.
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