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First Run!


I went for my first run last night probably since I was at school which was 31 years ago. Covered 2.7 miles in 24 mins 42 secs. When I say run it was more walk, jog, run, walk, walk, run, jog.

Feels good to finally get started although a bit sore this morning. I am looking to take part in a novice race in May so plenty of time to get going.



  • GallantryGallantry Posts: 38
    David - Am replying as so many people have read your comment and not replied yet but I'm sure everyone has thought it.... Blinkin well done! Good luck for the race in May - you'll love it. I did my first Tri last August and have to say everyone there was really friendly, very helpful and generally really polite. I'm sure you'll be hooked before you know it! Have fun! [:D]
  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    Great effort David. My training is hurting after a month off - goodness knows how I would feel after 31 years off.

    I do know it gets better though so keep going.


  • DavidC212DavidC212 Posts: 12
    Gallantry / MikeyB,

    Thanks for the comments and support. Thighs were thumping all of the next day so have only been on the rowing machine last night and some squats. Just got a second hand MTB so getting it up to scratch so planning another run and a bike ride iver the weekend and then next week get into the pool to start my swimming training.

    Already hooked and looking forward to it. Yesterday I contacted Cancer Research UK for a fundraising pack so I can raise money as well as having the time of my life!!


  • SimmoSimmo Posts: 5
    Hi David

    Go for it and don't be discouraged! I'm doing my first sprint Tri in about 9 weeks time. Have managed to persuade a colleague at work to join me and it's suddenly got a bit competitive! A few months ago I couldn't swim one length without swallowing half the pool, didn't even own a bike (the last one I owned was a Grifter - which dates me slightly) and didn't run unless being chased.

    After a slow start training (and a 4 week lay off which didn't help), I'm actually now looking forward to it and, whilst I'm suspecting I won't win (ha ha), am really looking to just taking part and just finishing. Until fairly recently I was always put off multisport by the perception that you already had to be a superfit semi-professional athlete to take part. Discovering forums like this has changed my mind and it's great!

    Roll on Eton Super Sprint...

  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Well done David, dont over do it though. Build your strength garadually to avoid injury. I got into triathlon last year and totally addicted now, Ive even been entering 10ks and half marathons to get a that buzz. I kept meaning to ask about 70.3 aswell, no need now thanks. Good luck.
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Well done David - it is never too late to start. Sound advice seems to be coming your way about building up gradually. If it is 31 years since you were at school then flexible muscles and tendons will be something you wish you still had - I do so every day!! Most of all enjoy your activity - you will find lots of like minded friends at your race in May. You are starting out in a fantastic sport!!

  • DavidC212DavidC212 Posts: 12

    Thanks for all the encouragement. Having worked out with weights off and on for the last 16 years I am well aware of my enthusiastic nature taking over and then getting injured so I will be watching what I am doing. I am surprised at how little time is spent training as a beginner leading to your first tri. Some weight programmes I did the minimum time would be about an hour in the gym but on the programme I am starting with it is swimming for 24 miniutes or running for 18 minutes which doesn't seem a lot but from what I have read here and on other sites I see that it does work.

    Roll on May!!

  • DavidC212DavidC212 Posts: 12
    Hi All,

    Well the date in May now coincides with a new date for a golf tournament. As I won it last year I need to defend it so I am now aiming for the Sprint Tri in June at Inverurie. Out for my first bike ride last night (28 March) and managed 5.5 miles in 26 minutes. Pretty cold and windy as well. My legs were like jelly at the end although not really out of breath etc. I can now see how the transition from bike to run is something that requires practice.

    A couple of silly questions.

    1. Can you put Tri Bars on a MTB? If so were is it best to position gear levers?

    2. Can you get road type tyres for a MTB?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  • Hi David

    I had tri bars on my mountain bike when I did the big tri in Fort William last year and found it really helped. A lot of people say that it makes no difference on a moutain bike but I found them to be a big help. I spend all my time training using the tri bars so feel a bit naked without them.

    It was quite funny the slagging I was got but it made me go faster.

    You can get slicks for the mtb also.

    Just remember that a mtb goes about 7 or 8 k/h slower than a good road bike. So need a lot more effort to get the same distance than on a road bike.


    If you are looking for a good starter the Glen Affric Duathlon is on in a couple of weeks. You might be a bit late to enter but it is always good for a laugh!

  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    David -- Well done, it is my first year in tri too --- 1st sprint in 6 weeks (oh good is it that close) building up to London Olympic distance in August , didn't start running until january , never having run by choice ( school cross country - 20 years ago) . Good luck at with your training.

    If you are going to ride an MTB put 'road tyres' on, it will make a world of difference, a work colleague uses an MTB to commute and he shaved minutes off his journey time swapping tyres. For an example of what is available go to the wiggle web site they have a whole section on MTB Road tyres.

  • DavidC212DavidC212 Posts: 12

    Thanks for the support and information.

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