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S2S2 Posts: 4
Hi, Are you allowed oustside help during tris e.g. drink hand outs during an Ironman for instance? Thanks Stew


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,the rules say that no outside help is allowed.If you have special needs regarding any aspect e.g. nutrition contact the organiser.The reason for this is to level the playing field,outside assistance also includes MP3 players.Referees may to a blind eye to this if you are just trying to finish rather than race for a high finishing position.If you attend a race you will notice people blatently ignoring the no outside assistance rule.If you get caught you CAN be DQ'd.The rule also prevents you from assisting other athletes in the race.Funny story;an elite athlete was racing when he noticed a fellow competitor with a puncture and no pump,as he was near the finish he threw his own pump to the other racer he missed it the pump bounced back into his wheel and consequently fell off,a race marshal saw this and dispite falling off he was still DQ'd.Hope this helps.
  • With Ironman events the rules are pretty well set out, you get a race manual with them in and at the race briefing they are gone over too. I saw a few people taking bottles during the run in New Zealand but as there are aid stations every 3 to 5 Kms there realy is no need for it. I also saw a few riders getting 4 minute stand downs for drafting on the bike so it pays to abide by the rules. My advice is simple, triathlon, especilly Ironman events are about the individual effort so if you take outside assistance you are cheating yourself more than any one else.
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