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Kona Predictions!

New here, so I thought I'd kick off a thread to see what everyone's pick for Kona was.

For the Men's, I think it's hard to see past Crowie. Though I think Macca and Keinle will give him a run for his money. (Anyone but Jacobs, I think the island of Hawaii would sink under the weight of his ego if he took it out! :roll: )

Womens: Xena has been killing all season, is a beast on the bike and will be hard to beat. But Joycie and Rinny are very solid also. Love to see Bek Keat place top 5.

Thoughts anyone?


  • Hi Kookette
    Would love to see Rachel Joyce up there, 6th, 5th and 4th at Kona in the last three years and a win at Challenge Roth this year. Brett Sutton has Steffen and Mary Beth Ellis on the startline, though.

    As for the chaps, a long-awaited European win at Kona for either Raelert or Vanhoenacker? Aside from Tom Lowe, think I'll be rooting for Macca; his book is brilliant and his post-race speech would be amazing!

    Think you can watch it live at universalsports.com next weekend.
  • baazzaabaazzaa Posts: 13
    Would love to see Crowie win it again,

    History suggests that alot of winners previously placed the year before winning it, so youd have to give Jacobs or Raelert a massive chance.

    Jacobs has youth on his side too with a nice few visits under his belt, plus a fast time ,LTO
  • baazzaabaazzaa Posts: 13
    whilst we are on the subject.

    Is there any station showing in on Tv.
  • baazzaa wrote:
    whilst we are on the subject.

    Is there any station showing in on Tv.
    Not that I know of...

    You stream it live online from the Ironman Website - I do that and just connect my laptop to the TV.
  • Raelert all the way.
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