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eat or sleep

hi guys

as a total newbi to the sport iam trying to sort out my training program.

as i work nights i can train and eat before work but when i finish at 7am

its ideal to get aswim in as the pool is quiet. should i eat or sleep after

the swim as iam concerned if i eat it will be stored as fat while i sleep.


  • Hi topcat, You need to eat! Im in a similar position to you, having to eat just before bed (or train on a full stomach) . Although Im not a nutritionist, I follow a healthy diet. Small healthy meal before bed and graze little and often through the day, making sure i get a balance of carbs, protein, fibre etc.

    I train whenever I can and find my weight rarely fluctuates.When it rises its very easy to burn it off.

    However, a lot also depends on your metabolism and the type of food you eat. Good luck.
  • thanks for that every little helps
  • Generally you should not eat b4 sleep whenever that is as you food will be digesting as you sleep and could wake you up. This would mean you do not get the quality rest that is needed in a good training program.

    However, post-swim you need something - I would go for fruit - something light, healthy and full of carbs. If you are on nights try and eat a main meal about 4am, at least 3 hours b4 the swim.

    Again I'm not an expert, this is kind of what I have picked up
  • TurtleTurtle Posts: 29

    I'm new here - new to everything. Ran a marathon last summer and for Christmas decided Ironman was next... next summer that is. Just genuinely insane. I'm looking to drop weight, but gain muscle. It's happening slowly. My 2 cents is to make sure you have some protein as soon as possible after the workout. I'm into cottage cheese, a little salsa to flavor it, and a few pickles for fat. Your body needs fat to process protein. If I've worked out heavily in the past days, I do like to have this before bed as well. Rest in general is great, but most of your muscles regenerate during sleep - and you need to give them something with which to build - protein. I've also read that the only form of protein that your body is processing during sleep is cassein - this is found in milk, so I suspect it's in cottage cheese as well. Time for bed. Sleep's important. Good night - enjoy work.

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