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I am doing the Bridlington half marathon, on the 14.10.07 as part of my run training, for doing my first half ironman, next season. I did the same event in 2005 and struggled with the last couple of miles. This was due to never having gone above 10 miles up to the race.

In the last month, i have gradually built some disatnce up i.e. with 8mile, then 10 mile, then a 12 miler last week. I don,t know whether to do another 10 to 12 miler this week then nothing next week, or should I be doing shorter training runs ?


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I've been doing some marathons before i started triathlon. In the last two-three weeks before race i never did very long runs of 20 miles, the last long one was 3-4 weeks out,then backing up gradually. This is to be able to start the race completely fresh.

    I wouldn't do a long run this week longer than 10 miles.

    The last week don't do nothing, you will be like yelly on race day. Instead do two or three short runs, with a little bit of accelerations in it, but dont push it.

    Hydrate well, eat carbs and be relaxed. You've done the training, so you'll doalright.

    Lots of succes!
  • Thanks for the advice, I need it[:D]
  • hey. i found that holding back on the bike can acutally help me on the run. i have also noticed this in longer events to. all u need to do is hold back about five mintues on the bike. this then leaves you a bit fresher and thust making ur run alot easier to complete and trust me u will gain back those mintues on the run. if you have anymore questions email on [email protected]
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