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I cycle to work and back, which is a 25 mile round trip, and then go to the gym or swimming in the evening. At present I don't take protein shakes but am wandering if I should be taking shakes to aid recovery? I feel tired quite a lot of the time, taking rest days has helped but hasn't solved the issue completely. Thoughts?




  • risris Posts: 1,002

    how many days a week? how long have you been doing it?

    i've been riding nearly the same commute for 5-6 years and i'm not sure i could regularly do 5days a week, with run/gym/swim as well. i'd be bollocksed all the time. 

    part of it is adaption - i started with 2-3 days and worked up from there. i was tired a lot and eventually it phased out. if i batter the ride every time, or even every other day, then i can feel it later in the week. even now i do 3 days, have a day 'off' (take the car, bring clothes to the office) and then the other day is on its own. i do a heavy swim session on the 'off' day (and if i am going to do an interval or tempo run then i do it that day too).

  • James8011James8011 Posts: 44

    I use proteins as a boost, some can be heavy on the gut though. 

    And just remember to watch dosage.

    a) do you want to look like a Body builder

    b) your body can absorb about 25 grams per 2 hours- the remaining amounts smell worse than a rotten goat.

  • DDTTRIDDTTRI Posts: 21

    If you are sticking to simple whey protein you shouldn't bulk up. I would recommend spending more on a product rather then the Holland and barret or GNC own brands. I saw an interesting article on own brand cheap protein and its cross contaminated with so much junk from the cheap factories it is made in. I'd also recommend going online to buy it, much cheaper then store. MonsterSuppliments is a reliable store.  

    Protein wont make you feel less tired, but it will help you repair your muscles quicker allowing you put in better quality sessions with less DOMS and soreness. If you do start taking a shake, increase your water intake too to ensure assimilation!


  • It's likely that you're not getting enough calories in you to be honest. Are you eating after your evening sessions? A protein shake after your evening session will help aid recovery yes and one a day won't have you looking like a bodybuilder. All the protein in the world won't turn you into a bodybuilder without a structured hypertrophy based gym program.

    I recommend Genetic Supplements Biowhey to my clients as I've found it to be the best. No gut issues reported, quality ingredients from good sources.

    What's the rest of your diet like and sleep pattern?

    Your body will absorb all of the protein, its only when you take very high doses that your body has trouble metabolising it. And adding a protein shake to your daily diet won't have you going that far, obviously it depends on your size.

    Look at the rest of your diet, make sure you're drinking enough quality water not just tap water, address your sleeping pattern and any stress including caffeine intake, and obviously take rest days when needed.

    Also, when was the last time you took a complete week off any sort of training?


  • Ignore the comment about becoming a bodybuilder, if yet trained exclusively like a bodybuilder and consumed 2 gram of protein for every kg of body weight you would still only look to put on 200g of muscle per month, its that hard to put on muscle mass. A multivitamin, lots of water and sleep will also help
  • If you're looking for pure protein from an ethical source which tastes good then look no further than:


    I put 20g in a smoothie every morning after training (I don't eat before) as I was struggling to eat enough protein in my breakfast (I mix it with oats, milk and various fruits). If I do two sessions in a day then I'll sometimes have a second shake (just the milk, protein and a bit of fruit). I've been doing this for a while and my weight hasn't changed (70kg) but I do feel stronger for doing it. It also tastes really nice so I look forward to the recovery drink. Knowing the protein is coming from a organic source where the animals are looked after is the deal breaker for me, I wouldn't buy the product or anything similar if I didn't have that knowledge.


  • For these professional muscle builders, protein is essential for enhancing their muscles and body shape. It is used to replace the glycogen lost after the physical activity and aids in rebuilding, recovery and repairing of the muscles.

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