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I'm looking to buy my first tt bike. I'm looking to spend around ??2000. I'm a bit bogged down by all the options, I know I need to try a few and fully intend to do so. However, I've never ridden a tt bike before so general advice (not from a salesman) would be appreciated, especially as some if the 2015 models haven't really been reviewed anywhere. Options so far are Felt da4 2014 - ??1950 Felt b12 2015 -??1999 Giant trinity 2015 -??1999 Cannondale slice 2015 ??1999 Cannondale slice 2014 ??1700 The giants in there as my lbs sells them and I know they're good for fitting and post purchase help, but I can't find much about the trinity online. Any advice at all would be useful


  • I am no expert at all on the subject of triathlons having only decided to take them up this year. But I have gone through the first-bike thing so I'll pass on what I did.

    I decided to bite the bullet and pay for a proper fitting using the GURU/F.I.S.T system (electronic rather than manual) from this company - http://www.ten-point.co.uk/bike-fitting/ . This was about £250 but I prefer doing this right the first time and so paid for the service. I was presented with results for the most efficient and comfortable tri-bike setup for my body, and also the recommended frames and manufacturer's that suited me. 


  • Your best option straight up is to go and ride them... the biggest issue i had was finding somewhere that stocks a few. Tredz seem a decent option as they list a number of those that you mention.... equally Evans Cycles might be worth a look as the Fuji Norcom and BMC TM02 also hit your budget.

    Don't discount the online options from Dolan, Planet-X etc too....

    You can read as much as you like but unless you know what is going to fit you (as per the fit above) or you've ridden some then you're making at best an educated guess. You appear to have found the same bikes as me though... i did a rambling blog post about pretty much the same thing last week!

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