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Hi All,


Newbie here, just breaking into Triathlon & registered my interest for London Super Sprint next year, been doing alot of research about kit & what kit do i need, aprat from bike/shoes etc, its more geared to swimwear, what do you wear underneath the suit, etc, but any tips & info at all on kit, really beneficial.





  • risris Posts: 1,002
    Hi Sean, welcome!

    Ask away... Like most bike kit you pretty much wear nothing under your trisuit! Some women will wear extra support under the top, but for men... nuffink.

    What made you consider a tri then?
  • Hi Guys, 


    I am hoping to start doing my first triathlon soon and wanted to jump in and ask a few questions too, is it worth training in a tri suit to get used to the feel of it?

    Is a suit or a two piece better or is it just preference? Does the trisuit have suitable padding for cycling?

    Thanks in Advance 



  • Rig, yes wear it a few times to get used to the feel but no need to train in it too much. I have a basic Zone 3 suit, the padding is minimal so I wouldn't want to wear it any longer on the bike than I have too. I have a middle distance shortly and I'm contemplating using my comfy cycle shorts instead but if its wet for the run then its going to be like jogging in a nappy. One piece or two piece is personal preference but if you are an odd size a two piece might be better i.e. I'm a tall and skinny and my one piece is a little shorter in the body than i'd like but the next size up was to big in the backside, thighs and hips.

    Sean, if you mean what do you wear under your wetsuit then the answer is your tri-suit or shorts/top combo. You see all sorts of variations at short events - I've noticed some wearing bathers and changing in transition (read the event rules carefully), other men just their cycle shorts and add their jersey after removing their wetsuit but you need to spend as little time as possible in transition so most wear what they intent to ride and run in. You have got plenty of time to go and watch an event and see what others do. 

  • Thanks Sketty!

    Don't like the sounds of running in a nappy, maybe a pair of compression shorts underneath and whip off the cycling ones in T2.

    Best of Luck in the upcoming event! Think I'll go and watch a few to get a feel of whats what before I take the plunge!



  • Because your bike leg is pretty short I'd go for the tri-suit. They normally come with a chamois which affords a little padding, without creating the nappy effect.

    Also due to the shorter distances transitions are key, and less is more! If you can get away with swimming in your tri-suit rather than a full wet suit you'll save bags of time.

    Good luck!

  • BaldyBaldy Posts: 16

    Did my first Sprint at the weekend, wore a one piece Moremile Tri suit (with budgie smugglers underneath) for all 3 disciplines and found it very comfortable.

  • Hi Ris,

    What made do Tri, I did the Help for Heroes Hero Ride this year, cycle just over 100 miles & after I did the event, there was something in me that wanted more, incorporate the bike into another event, have been watching Tri on tele & being inspired & I like all 3 events, did some research & alot of people saying, to start with do a sprint version for the shorter distances & build up.

    I have also been trying to find a good watch for doing all 3 events, any ideas?





  • risris Posts: 1,002

    garmin, suunto, maybe polar... garmin have a lot of it sewn up and while the curretn range of watches (fenix 3 and 920xt are quite pricey there are good deals to be had on the previous - 310xt and 910xt. 

    not used sunnto and polar, but the ambit is supposed to be pretty good. 

  • Sean88Sean88 Posts: 3

    There's no right or wrong answer here. I would get a tri-suit, some come without chamois (or with minimalistic chamois) if your concerned about the "nappy run". But also some people will wear compression shorts + top, some will wear compression tights etc etc. I gues it's just whatever your preference is. Maybe try a few items out and decide what suits you best for training, and for event day. It's part of the fun!

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