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GB Age Group - Standard Distance Qualifying Times

GB Age Group - Standard Distance Qualifying Times

I am new to triathlons having only completed a couple standard distance triathlons. I have been doing some reading on GB Age Group qualifying but struggling to understand what would the qualifying times be for a 30-34 year old on the standard - does anyone have an idea? I Understand it is 115% for world champs and 120% for Europeans champs of the winners time in qualifying races, but the time for winners in the qualifiers appears to vary so much - from 2.05 to 2.20.


Both my triathlons were around the 2 hours 44 min mark but I think there is room for progress (maybe 10 minutes overall). I know I won't win, but if there was the opportunity to compete in GB age group, I think it would be a great experience.... 



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    The qualification is a double header.

    Firstly you must come in the top four of those who have put themselves forward for qualification in your age group.

    Secondly you must also come within the 115%/120% time. This is because some classes aren't that competitive so you used to get some quite poor competitors.

    Unfilled places are offered to those with the lowest % time against the class leaders of the qualifying races.

    Winning times vary because there is nothing Standard about Standard triathlons. No two swims, bikes or runs are the same. Which I think is great. Give me a 2:36 Windermere over a 2:16 Ripon any day.

    My advice is to give it a go. You may find it easier to qualify for a Sprint rather than Standard and if you can do all the qualifiers you should achieve that Q.
  • matward77matward77 Posts: 9

    HarryD has explained it very well. There are limited number of spots for each championship so it's not just a case of meeting a percentage of the winner's time.

    One bit of research you can do is look at the results for the race from the previous year. You can obviously get one rock star turn up and win age group by miles and that will hurt everyone else's qualifying time.

    Realistically you've got to be looking sub 2:15 on a fast-ish course

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Matt has put the number about right.  I think on a fast ish course you might be able to "squeak in" on a 2:15 (possibly not in M30-34 as the men's 30 categories are probably the toughest to get into) but I think to be confident/ comfortable, you would want to be able to go under 2:10 on a flat fast course (I'm thinking something with effectively zero elevation on the bike) - probably a sub 25 swim, 1:05 or faster on the bike and 40 on the run is what you want to be looking at.

    I think as noted, if you are able to enter all three qualifiers you give yourself a better shot, but it probably requires at least one or two away weekends (3 if you're really unlucky) as there is usually one down on the South Coast, one in the Midlands and one in the North of the country so that people from different parts of the country can reasonably have a go.

  • AmateurAmateur Posts: 2
    Hey, Thank you for all your feedback it's comforting to know I have understood how the systems working. Harry you explained it very well and particularly why they work on the % basis.

    I failed to mention that I'm female, I think the suggested timings are based on males? If you've got any idea on the timings for females that would be very helpful. I've done some research and I think based on the times I've achieved to date, I'd qualify for Europeans (just). Splits have been 25 swim 1.20 bike and 50 ish on the run. I'm fairly confident I can make some gains in all 3 disciplines.

    I'm quite booked up with half ironmen and marathons but if I think I stood a chance at qualifying I may change my plans and try to at attend Bala
  • Its a great challenge and believe me if you get your head down you can really get a lot of time knocked off your results!

    I have got roll down places in the last two Europeans at Olympic distance - I scraped in at Worthing with a 2.31 which has a tough sea swim and a longer bike. I managed an automatic qually for the sprint this year at Southport for the Euros next year.

    I would say this year would be a good option for trying to qualify for the Olympic distance Euros 2018 as they are in Estonia whereas the Sprint distance Euros are in Glasgow. There are only a few people currently on the list in my age group 35-39.

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