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Watts wattage?

GGGG Posts: 82
Hi All,

I have always measured cycling training on cadence and heart rate. However in the gym yesterday I had a go on the excercise bike, not an uncommon thing, however! Rather than have the heart rate and cadence displayed, I changed it to show wattage./cadence. Normal cadence of 100rpm was giving me a wattage of around 365. (not sure how that compares to others who are reading this).

So, I thought id up the anti and turn up the resistance[8D]. Naturally thought this would see my wattage go through the roof... i was sadly wrong. My wattage went through the floor and my cadence fell to about 65.[:(]

So. Would i be correct in a assuming the to achieve maximum wattage you need to spin the lowest gear possible at your highest cadence.[8|]



  • krazycalkrazycal Posts: 45
    power(watts)= energy transfered (joules)divided by time (seconds) therefore its a question of balance i would have thought between having such a low resistance that you're spinning but transfering no energy and having such a high resistance that you can't exercise bikes arent allways reliable any way you'll probably find iut goes up then down, try to hit the peek

  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    for your interest elite tour de france cyclist can maintain power at 500 watts before they reach lactate threshold. that is they can get most of their energy requirement from burning fat rather than using important muscle glycogen stores until their power requirement exceeds 500 watts. If you were doing 365 watts easy without rapidally ventilating then you are 73% of a tour de france athlete .... and thats without taking epo ..... so quite impressive

  • GGGG Posts: 82
    Good stuff,

    I like the tour de France bit [:)] if only I had that kind of endurance!!!


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