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Afternoon all,

I have just taken part in my first ever triathlon (sprint) and clocked a time of 1hr 22mins 32secs. but have no idea if this is a good time for a newcomer??!!! Any ideas or newcomers first times??


  • craftycrafty Posts: 9
    Hi steve, I also took part in the TT sprint yesterday - how frickin cold was it!?! By the looks of the provisional results you came in 167th out of 317 finishers. Factor in the harsh conditions and I'd say that was a great first performance. For comparison I clocked in at 1hr15:15 - slower than i would have liked to have done but still quite happy considering the conditions (and that i have a cold!).

    I'm also fairly new to the sport (this was my second ever tri) so will bow to the more experienced members of the forum for more advice/insight.

    Out of interest - your time stated differs from that on the provisional results - are you going off of your watch time?

  • Yeah was bloody cold on the cycle....then felt like i had blocks of ice for feet on the run!! I actually got my time wrong it was 1hr 22mins 39secs. Looking forward to improving, doing race 2 and hopefully conditions will be much better.

    Need to train more for the transition between cycle and run as it was a lot harder than i first thought, didn't train any bricks!!! Also felt i couldn't get going on the outward cycle leg!!!! Return much better!

    Cheers for the input

  • craftycrafty Posts: 9
    I'd done a few brick sessions (mostly in the gym - straight on the treadmill after a spin class) but found the transition much harder on the day - I think it was because of how cold my legs got on the bike. Fingers crossed it'll be easier in the next race but practicing definitely helps. I also wore a windproof and gloves for the ride and then changed into a long sleeve t-shirt for the run; that must have added some time to my transitions. What did you wear?

    I think I had a headwind for most of the outward bike leg so definitely felt it was a lot easier on the way back.

    I'm also in the next race (have entered all 4) so see you there!
  • Wore similar stuff really, windproof top for cycle and then baselayer and t-shirt for the run. Have just joined SAUK Tri Club so will be training with them to improve!

    Where do you train at the moment...i'm living wimbledon so do mainly gym work presently.
  • craftycrafty Posts: 9
    I live in Balham but work in Farnborough. Mid-week i try to do most of my training at lunch time / immediately after work at Farnborough Leisure Center but at the weekends i try and do a long run on Sat and/or a long ride on Sunday. I recently picked up a road bike from Prologue bikes in Mortlake and have been doing their (free) group rides on Sunday mornings. They're a good bunch if you're looking for people to ride with.

    I've been looking at joining the Clapham Chasers running club (who absorbed the South London Triathlon club) but haven't made it along to any of their sessions yet. Am on the lookout for some swim training/coaching sessions - do you know of any in SW London?
  • Steve

    Congrats on your first triathlon.

    TT1 was my tri debut and I finished with a similar time of 1hr 20min 40 secs in 151st overall. I was pretty happy but reckon I could achieve 1 15 in warmer conditions with a better swim time.

    I also found the bike a real effort on the outward leg. It was a slight uphill and any wind around was in the face in that direction. I was suffering with cold affecting my leg muscles at the start of the bike but warmed up.

    I was pleased with my run (23mins something) as I haven't been able to run train for 2 months as I'm waiting an op for 'Gilmore's Groin' and done virtually no running off the bike.

    All in all I loved the experience and wished I'd got into tri years ago rather than waiting til I was 41.

    Next event for myself is Blenheim and an open water swim!!!!! if I'm fit post op that is.

    As we appear to be of similar experience & abilty I'd like to hear of any future tri results you achieve to gauge progress etc. (Post on here if you're happy to do so)

  • Congrats on the time..very impressed with an injury. Yeah i'll post you my times as it will be good to see what times others are getting. I'm entered in the TT RAce and London Olympic Distance in August. Looking forward to them. Loved every minute of the race. Something different as i've played Football and Rugby all my life.
  • Good luck with London Olympic distance tri Steve.

    I went down to Excel as I work close by and had a gander at the dock and bike/run sections. To be honest it doesn't look a great course especially for a decent time. Bike section undulates a lot with a couple of fairly steep climbs on bridge sections (not talking Tour de France but enough to knacker me out quickly). The transition is quite long with climb up stairs and ramps etc.

    Also on a still day elsewhere it was still quite windy down there.

    All in all I reckon I'll have my work cut out to achieve my minimum goal of 1.30. I had hoped for 1.25 or better but I'm not sure it's realistic looking at the course and conditions.
  • Hopefully it's obvious from the time but I'm doing the Sprint[;)]
  • craftycrafty Posts: 9
    @Steve - are you still doing TT Race 2 on Monday? I had a quick look at the entry list and couldn't see you on it. Hows the training going?

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