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tri bike or aero wheels

I've been competing in tri's for the last two years using my trusty bianchi road bike with clip on bars.

I am now thinking purchasing a TT bike as i doing 1/2 IM this year, but i 've been told by a Time trialist that i will get just as much benifit with a good set of aero wheels and also a TT bikes are not so good hills. Could anyone throw a bit more light on this subject please.




  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Im a time-trialist too and engineer and trust me TT bike they go like a bat out of hell going down hill and flats but trying to get them uphill can be challenging due to the gearing.Typical TT set up is 54-39/54-42 on the front and a 11-23/11-26 on the back where as on road bikes, the typical set up is 53-39 on the front and 12-26 on the back.if i was you ide go for some nice mavic kysrium SL wheels,fulcram racing zero or racing 1 or some roval fusee star wheels.
  • feesfees Posts: 28
    I have done 3 IM's on a road bike with clip on tri bars. Last year I got a Bianchi 928L with carbon strike clip on bars and 50mm deep section aero wheels. I can tell you that my bike split was far better than in the past and I put it down to the wheels. I have also considered a tri bike but to be totally honest can't justify that kind of money when I am not sure how often I will really use it for what it is intended.

    My bike split last year was 5h43 on rolling hills and in tough wind, this year I am racing the exact same bike and hope to go sub 5h30. My advice, buy a nice set of racing wheels (tubbies).
  • Cheers guys, thats kinda what i wanted to hear, Slightly better on the wallet.

    Happy training.

  • I had the same dilemma so I'm well assured!!!
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Your Time triallist friend is correct. However an aero bike or dedicated TT/Tri bike will give an extra edge - but if you have a limited budget buy the wheels, the lighter the better. I recommend Corima Aeros. You could always "compromise" since the advent of decent carbon frames there have been good aluminium TT/Tri frames & bikes going for a song. Check out Cannondales and Principias and even aluminium Cervelos. Various cycle shops are selling them off very cheaply and the classifieds are full of them as their owners are upgrading to carbon frames. Personnally I would avoid pre 2005 carbon frames - they tended to become flexy
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