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Protein and Carb recovery drinks

[8|] Hi guys,

I'm a Newbie to Triathlon and come from a running background. A few friends have been talking to be about recovery shakes and energy drinks. I'm still unsure....what's the gereral opinion on these things??

I am a veggie so do worry a bit about protein, but I always thought these things were aimed more at body builders.

Are they meant for meal replacement??

I do not want to gain weight!!



  • hi i'm a vegan ,so i'm unable to take protein shakes as they are whey (milk ) . recovery drinks can be useful as they replace carbs that have been used during exercise and supply protein to repair damaged muscles . you can of course just use energy drinks and eat some protein . i use trek energy bars (they're vegan ) they have 11g of protein per bar and maxim electrolyte drink. (www.naturalbalancefoods.co.uk) . i've not put on any weight , but my brother who lifts weights has . you'll have to give it a go and see . let me know how you get on
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