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Newton Trainers

Hi all,

I bought a pair of Newton Trainers in time for starting the Ironfit training programme and so far have really enjoyed using them. I haven't suffered any of the calf strains some people mention when first using them and they seem to have taken some time off my splits so all good.

I have however started to get a pain on the outside of my right knee. Yes, I know I should see a physio - but travel at the moment is unfortunately making it very difficult to organise. So i've tried to identify whats changed and also when it hurts.

Unfortunately starting a new training programme means lots changed! The Newtons is one thing, the leg weights is another (so i'm thinking of dropping leg press and leg ext for just squats again - as they never used to hurt) and also the twist when you do hard tumble turns off the wall. I find as you are always turning in the same direction my left foot stays pretty stable as I place it, but my right twists at the same time as I push - so i'm wondering if that could be it.

Any thoughts or similar symptoms appreciated!



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    agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    I have pain in the outside of both knees at the moment, having had pain in the inside of my knees and have been seeing a physio for that and think I have no over compensated. I get it during running, and occasionally in a long swim set or swimming the day after running. Need to go back and get it properly diagnosed. One suggestion would be to try your old trainers and see how your knees feel with those
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