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eating on the bike


I was wondering if you guys hit the recomned 1g crab/kg/per hour when out training as you need carry in the region of 9 energy bar for a 4 hour ride which would be very expensive and a hassle



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    JessterJesster Posts: 482
    For a second there I thought that taking on one gram of crab was a new-fangled thing. seriously, though, took me a whole ten seconds to work out he meant carb....
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    jacjac Posts: 452
    You mean you've never eaten crabs on the bike before? Weird.
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    jac wrote:

    You mean you've never eaten crabs on the bike before? Weird.

    I know Ironman's a tough sport but is it really necessary to eat parasites off your own body?[;)]
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    LimeycatLimeycat Posts: 29
    As a newbie, it's how you get them in the first place that concerns me...!! [:-]
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    For half IM upwards I have 750ml of High5 Isotonic leading upto about 45 mins before race start with an energy bar at 60mins before race start.

    Then after the swim I will have gels only, one every 35-40mins washed down with water or very dilute sugar free squash. in between gels a mouthful of High 5 Isotonic every 10 mins.

    On the run - Gels every 30-35 mins washed down with water, then a mouthful of water every 10-15mins, spit half of it out and swallow the other half.

    For Long Course (4k,120k,30k) and IM add a gel into T1 and T2 with water.

    That works for me and last year I Finished the 30k run with a 6:10 and 6:04 last 2 miles....

    Gels are far easier to digest than bars and with bars your digestive system needs blood to help digest it therefore taking valuable oxygen etc alway from more important muscles that need it...

    Whatever you fancy doing try it in training first.

    Just for the record.... Sprint distance - 1 gel 10-15mins before start, then water/very weak squash only for on the bike. nothing on run.

    Olympic - Gel 10-15mins before start, then Isotonic with one gel at start of the bike washed down with water, then gel about 10 mins from T2 washed down with water,

    Run - again just water/weak squash

    Generally I rely on the water stations on any run leg and just have water.:)
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    Out of interest, what is the benefit of gels plus water over energy drink?

    Gels plus water seems to me (in theory) quite fiddly, whereas an energy drink takes care of hydration and energy all at once?
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