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calories per mile

i know its a basic question but is it true that the average calories burned per mile is 100 no matter howfast or slow? i know the calories differ on build but say if i burned 70 cals runnin a mile would i burn the same walking? x


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    I'm almost positive that calorie expenditure is calculated per hour and not per mile.

    So if you Jog for and hour you would burn up about 450-500 calories.

    But i would say it quite hard to calculate how many calories you would burn running for just one mile.

    I'm sure there is a mathmatical calculation for it but there would be so many variables.

    How fast are you running, your weight/height etc.

    And no walking 1 mile would not burn the same as running one mile, again i dont know the differances its just logical captain
  • thanks, i thought as much. i had just been reading a plan on runners world site though and there it said it was the same, which i found hard to believe!!! x
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Use of the word 'average'...so 2 people go the mile, 1 burns 50 at a walk, one burns 150 at a run, add 'em up divide by 2 et voila 100cal.
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    I think you would burn the same amount. If you ran a mile you would be burning 'XX' amount of calories per hour and it would take you 'YY' minutes... but if you walk a mile you would be burning less than 'XX' but it would take you longer than 'YY' therefore equalling out the calorie expenditure.

    i think that makes sense but it could be all crap...
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    see what you did? You made it all complex & everything, I was having a Stephen Hawkins channelling moment & you go & spoil it.
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    You can get an approximation by using a Metabolic Equivalent (MET), there is a large table of them at The Compendium of Physical Activities along with an explanation. Basically 1 MET = 1 kcal/kg/hour and is roughly the energy cost of sitting still, so cycling at 14 mph has a rating of 10 METs, which gives 870 kcal/hour for my 87kg. This is comparable to the heart rate based calculation from my Garmin this morning.
  • wow!! I love the mets thing. am def going to have to buy some scales though!! then i can work it out better. x
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    I am no expert but I have looked at various sites and most give different values per activity - but have seen pretty good reviews of this site


    you can roughly calculate calories per person use dby activity and weight - and also calculate calories in food etc ... interesting stuff.

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