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Running problems

Hi hbiker108

I am no expert, there are lots of other regular contributors on here that will be able to help you more than i, but i will share with you my running experience at the moment.

I can run 10k at a stead 6mph, my heart rate is 170bpm for the entire time and i DONT find it easy. My legs are the problem, not my breathing, because i am not panting or gasping for breath during my running, in fact i can run at this pace with my mouth closed for a while without a problem.

I'm guessing my running fitness is poor which causes my heart to work harder, which eventually causes the muscles in my legs to fade due to the lack of quality blood/oxygen being delivered by my heart! This is all guesswork!

So, if you try to apply this, your heart is not working very hard at all, but your legs hurt - so i guess this is not muscle pain, probably knee or joint issues. What cadence are you running at (how many times does your right foot hit the ground during a timed minute). If this is too slow you could be making life more difficult that you need to. You could speed up your cadence (to about 80) and possibly even speed up the run a little. P.S. how tall are you, what is your inside leg?


  • Hi all

    Writing for a bit of advice really. Been doing tri now for a year and about to start my second season. Only been doing Sprint so advancing upto Olympic for this year. My running is a problem. I only run really slow - and i mean really slow (4.5mph) I can only run about 45mins and my legs hurt. They ache and are really tired yet my Heart Rate is only 120ish. Shouldnt my heart be going faster? If i try and make it go faster my poor legs cant last out - what should i do???
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    What time and distances were you running when training for a sprint?

    It may be that you've increased the time and mileage in your legs too soon..ie running from 20-25 mins, you've upped it to 45 mins.

    In my experience of running it's best to up it in small increments.

    Other things to consider would be your shoes (make sure you get a proper fit following gait analysis at a running shop) and a good stretching/massage regime.

    Remember also that your legs are going to ache when you start asking them to do something you never have before.

  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Hello hbike

    When you say pain in the legs waht do actually mean? Are you talking about joint pain, shin splints, muscle pain or a dull ache? You need to analise the pain first.

    Are you fit and healthy? Do you take in the right vits and minerals? Have you eaten properly before training?

    Sorry for all the questions but we need to start at a basic level to have any idea!

  • Hi guys thanks for all your help!

    I am only 5ft 4 and dont have long legs. I only ride a 54 frame bike with 650cc wheels if that helps.

    The pain in my legs isnt really a pain they just run out of steam and stop working eventually. I have a good diet, being honest i dont always get my 5 a day in but usually manage at least four. My joints in my hips hurt after a run so i started taking Glucosamine tablets which have worked wonders.

    My 5Km time was rubbish in sprints as well, I guess i am just not a runner!

    My shoes were measured in London by Asics at the London Tri but i didnt buy their shoes (didnt like the colour). I went to Birmingham runner and he sold me some Brooks which had the same qualities as the Asics and i got a free jog on his treadmill in them!
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    So the trainers arnt the problem then!

    The next thing to do is to work on some base level runs. Dont look at the distance just get out there and do a lenght of time. If you are use to 40 min 5 K then slow your pace down to a granny jog and run for an hour a couple of times thyen increase the length of time you run for by 5-10 mins building up to a health length of time. Then you can look at pace.

    Good luck.
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