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new beginner

hi peeps

i am doing my first triathlon on the 22nd June 2008 at Ongar Leisure Centre the Try-A-Tri all i know is that it is 12 lenths of the the pool then a 13 mile bike ride and a 2 mile run the only thing i am scared about it that my swimming is ok as i do it alot but i have never ran before since i was 16 which i am now 28 so i was wondering if you could give me some trainning ideas for this. plus i am also worrying about getting out of the pool onto the bike as i have never done this before and was wondering what tips you could give me?

any tips and feed back would be grateful

[color=#990099]SHANY XXXX[/color]




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    I had the same fears of the unknown, when I started 4 years ago. I think most people find the transition from bike to run the most difficult. Swimming was always my worst discipline, but I found swim to bike OK. The only time I struggled, was my first attempt, when I did breast stroke. This took a lot out of my legs on the bike. If running is your weakness, you need to practice bike to run (a brick session) it could be a massive shock on the day, if you havent tried this.

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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Pool to bike should be no trouble. Just remember that you are lying flat when you are swimming, so suddenly standing up and running for your bike can make you go a bit faint, especially if you have been trying really hard. Next time you swim try doing a fast 4 or 6 lengths, then jumping out immediately and standing up or walking to the other end of the pool. See if it affects you.

    zig is right: going from bike to run can really hurt. I did that without any practice in my first tri and I was really shocked. It is worth getting some practice in beforehand, you might not get used to it, but at least it won't be a surprise.

    Make sure you get some running in beforehand. Just stick to 30min sessions for now, maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

    Finally, it sounds like a great introduction. 300m/20k/3.5k should be do-able by somebody with just a reasonable level of fitness. Take it seriously, though. Don't ease up and cruise it. If you do it so that when you get to the end you feel like you couldn't have done any more then you will be incredibly proud of yourself, and you'll also be HOOKED!

    Be warned. Triathlon is addictive!
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    In terms of running, in the off season I like to do a variation of periodisation in a kind of pyramid structure. Right enough of the sound bite P words.

    Ill adapt this for a beginner runners situation, this is what I would do

    start of, slow pace, short distance, run a short route of about 1/2 miles a relatively slow pace, but make sure you are putting enough effort in to breath a bit heavy at the end.

    Now you want to gradually increase the distance, GRADUALLY! each week. as you try and keep the pace the same, this is the first section, until you can comfortably cover about 5 miles at the pace you were originally running at.

    This is aimed at increasing you base running fitness, and can last months depending on your current base fitness.

    Next I would start to try and increase speed, it is often good to use your target distance for this, your aim is obviously target distance at target pace.

    so what I would do is get a run your target race distance in length, break it up into about 4 chunks if short, possibly more if longer, then run a chunk at your target pace, then walk for a short distance, then run the next chunk and so on. Eventually you can start removing the breaks, so break it up into thirds, and then halves, then hopefully you should be able to do the lot.
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    ShanyShany Posts: 7
    thank you so much all of you. you have really help went and brought the mag yesterday. also had ago of my dads racing bike which i am using but got very sarced as he has got straps on the pedals is this normally to feel like this just felt like i was very closed in and did not like it. so am going to take them off and use my own pedals instead. i did notices that when you get off the bike you legs are very wobble when you go to run but i am practicing it. can i ask you all what is the best thing to wear when you are swimming and on the bike. as i have looked at the Try-Tri suits and was not sure if they were comfortable for the bike ride and the run. is it ok to were just normally trainners for the bike or do they do shoes you can wear for the blke and use for running after woulds silly question i know!!!! but i do have to says this i went to watch a swim and run race and guess what i am so excited to be doing this that i think i am HOOKED already yippee

    thank you guy and girls for you help any more training ideas and tip and clothing and what engery drinks or bars i should eat before the race would be great

    Shany xxxxxxxxx

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    legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    Hi Shany

    If you can get a tri suit they are great - I have just started wearing one and it really works for me as I can just forget about any other kit - apart from shoes of course - I take two pairs - one for the bike and one for the run but that's cos I've got clipless pedals and also I am really fussy about my running shoes There's a thread on here somewhere about what to wear - there was lots of good advice on it covering speed in transition and chaffing on the run.
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