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Since starting training in August, after the first week I felt run down. My mate who is into TT recommended 1000mg Vitimin C a day. After a week I felt better than ever. In beginning of november I had two weeks off for the birth of my son and since then have had 3 chesty colds in 7 weeks. Can anyone tell me what supplements they are on and whether im on the right track. Am I doing my immune system any harm taking such a high dose vitimin C, should i just take a multi one instead.


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    agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Ideally, you shouldnt really need any supplements as you should be getting everything form your diet, which is why it is important to eat a healthy well balanced diet. The body can digest and use naturally found vitamins and minerals better than man-made ones found in multivitamins, though these are a good way to boost your intake, especially if dieting. A good a-z shouldn't do too much harm though, and try to have it with a good diet. Also make sure you are getting enough sleep, with lack of sleep being one of the main reasons for illness. If you still find yourself getting ill, its probably a good idea to have a look at your training and make sure youre not overtraining, as excessive training without enough rest will set your immune system back significantly.
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    This year is just a bad one for the lurgy! I have had it twice, my wife is on her third bout of it. Tis a december we wont forget!!

    We're only human....well most of us.
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    jacjac Posts: 452
    Check you're getting enough protein in your diet.

    And with a little'un I doubt you're getting enough sleep.

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    AndreAndre Posts: 103
    As well as Vitamin C (you're 1000mg is right at the top of the scale of what you should be taking, but isn't dangerous), look at supplementing with Vitamin E and upping your Iron intake.

    I wouldn't bother with an A-Z, myself, but both Vitamin C and E are difficult to consume in sufficient quanities [for endurance athletes] through a 'healthy diet' alone (the sheer quanitity of fruit you'd need to consume would be both difficult to digest and quite expensive on a daily basis)... Iron, on the otherhand, is probably best supplemented through foods like red meat and spinach.

    The advice about getting good sleep is also right-on-the-money, as it's all to easy to sacrifice this over other responsibilities.
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