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Advice for 1st time poster?racer!

Orca skin suit is fine

Transitions are timed

Don't worry about pacing the bike, work on running after you do this by doing brick sessions. (my 10's are similar times)


  • Hello to all. Cyclist/Tester by sport but am planning to enter my 1st sprint tri in april. A couple of no doubt dumb novice questions,

    1st, what to wear? i have an orca tri suit that i used as a skin suit a couple of season ago (it was on sale!) can i wear this for all 3?

    2nd, and this may be off the scale dumb, but are transitions always timed? i'd always assumed so but a comment in the event guide about using some near by changing rooms if you wished got me thinking.....

    3rd, i'd normally ride a 10tt in 21 ish mins at around 179bpm ave (my max is 186), how much shall i hold this back on the 14.5km bike to leave me ok

    for the 5k run?

  • Brick sessions? Running after bike?
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Yes, try it and you'll know why you have to train them! Ignore that and you'll pay for it come race day.

    Let us know how it went after the first time (it will include the words: oh my god, jelly legs and never thought!)[;)]
  • Tried it in the gym the other day, did 10 miles on the bike then a 5k run and i was mins of where i'd normally be for the run on it's own, first mile my legs custard! As you say, should cocentrate on this a bit and not worry about the hr, after all in a 25tt it's up at 176+ for just under an hour. Oh and i forgot to mention my swims a bit crap but i figure how much time can you lose in 400m..........

    Thanks for the advice and i'll let you know how my 1st (maybe last!) tri goes.
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