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What it has cost so far....(excluding race entry)

Item Cost

Bike £720.00 Second Hand Trek 1.9, with go-faster carbon saddle

Aero bars £80.00 Profile design T2

bar tape £5.00 White

track pump £24.00 Cheapest i could find

gear service £25.00 Had enough of messing around myself

adjustable stem £18.00 Great to get the bars lower

Aero bottle £24.00 Looks good (which is half the value!) but has a tendency to let liquid jump out

Pedals £40.00 Shimano 105

Cycle computer £30.00 Cateye

Road shoes £30.00 Second hand from Ebay

Tri shoes £100.00 Nice shiny shimano's

Saddle bag £20.00 For tube and stuff

CO2 kit £15.00 Puncture repairs

Tri suit £80.00 2XU Endurance

Gloves £15.00 Some dodgy things from JJB

Helmet £50.00 Rudy Project

Glasses £35.00 dhb

Swim cap £5.00 2XU

Goggles x2 £30.00 Aqua Sphere Eagles & some other AS type that leak :o(

Speedo's £10.00 Tight

Cycle shirt £20.00 Ebay

Running shoes £55.00 Dunno

Running bottom £25.00 Nike full length

Turbo trainer £100.00 Tacx Sirius Soft Gel

HRM £50.00 Garmin forerunner 50


Oh yeah, and some book about how a guy managed to get through an IM in 6 months. What would you say the WAT is on this lot?



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    MGMG Posts: 470
    God, I do not want to work that out for me!!!!

    I've only been doing this sport for 5 years but I reckon that equates to a fair amount of dosh......... a few bikes, tyres, carbon wheeel sets, tubes, more pairs of goggles than I can remember, sh*t load of different kit, physio-therapy, various race entries, coaching, flights to races, hotel bills................ AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!

    I'd like to say its worth it, but....................

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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    nice [:D]

    The WAT officer is sitting next to me and has just seen your post, mine now looks excellent! [:D][:D][:D]
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    moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    bike £325 Giant OCR off e-bay

    CO2 cannister thingy - £15

    Trainers - Reebok £20 at discount store from £50 erhm Brooks £75 not from discount store don't dare leave them in same room they might breed

    helmet £20 Giro off e-bay

    Tri top and shorts 2XU - on sale £50

    1000 mile compression socks £12 e-bay

    1000 mile trainer socks £5 e-bay - bit of a theme emerging here

    nike running tights - £40

    HH running top - £15 e-bay

    Body armour running top -£15 e-bay

    linebreak compression tights £40

    nike trainer socks in a multi colour with left and right written on - fab socks £6 discount store

    number belt £4.99

    strapless cages - £10 from guess where

    wet suit £99 sale on wiggle

    and miscellaneous bits that I'm not admitting to incase other half sees this post AND definitely not adding it up in case[:D]

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    moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    oops forgot the books

    Tri bible

    Total immersion

    Chi running

    and some other thing that kept me up all night

    oh and my lap counter £20, and pump and spare inner tube Oh God this is getting worse not going to think about it any more
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    agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    What I have spent does not even bear thinking about! Especially I have just blown my entire terms student loan on some wheels... Oh well thats what its there for I guess! I always think how much money I would have if I had never have taken up this sport, though it would probably go on some other sport. But were talking many thousands....
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I kept an account for IM Switzerland some years ago and I never had the guts to get the total! (it was huge)
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    jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    It took up triathlon because I thought it would be cheaper than sailing, that was my first mistake. I think i've spent more now on a bike and all the required kit than I was going to spend on a boat. My second mistake was enjoying my first tri, now I'm thinking about half ironmans, full ironmans and all the kit I need/want for that.
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    al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    And a massive food bill on mastercard ... priceless.

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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    I haven't yet done any events, but i know my cost has been too much to look at...

    new bike £1250 (it was reduced from 1450 or so and it is lovely so worth every penny i have and will spend on it)

    Co2 Pump, bottle cages etc £~200 (i got a nice carbon bottle holder for the seat set)

    Areobars, £90

    Tri shorts and vest £100 ish don't remember

    tri shoes £80

    cycle shoes £45

    gloves helmet, hi viz jacket ~£150

    wetsuit £105

    goggles, swim caps etc ~£50

    Soreen >£100 (and rising almost daily)

    thankfully i already had all the running gear i need but there are still so many things to get, like a nice new shiny carbon stem for use when i have the aerobars on, and race entry/travel costs food costs have increased a lot both for quantity and 'quality' of ingredients used. Oh dear god i hope the GAT woman doesn't spot this lot...
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    Why exclude entry fees?

    I've done this on the cheap really - since May 08.

    Bike £300 (my contribution on C2W)

    Aerobars £40

    Bike Computer £6

    Bottles, cages, saddlebag, tubes etc £30 approx

    Servicing £60

    Trisuit £40

    Wetsuit £58

    Running shoes £63

    Homo-erotic running tights £15

    Energy food, recovery food etc £75 approx

    HRM £25

    Bike jacket £10 (from Aldi, surprisingly good)

    Tri club (membership fees, session payments since January only) £50 approx

    Lunchtime swim membership £100

    Race fees £320

    220 magazine £30

    Total £1222. You will note I am severely lacking in "stuff" and this figure will inevitably increase.

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    So how do you get to the 'everything gets given to me now' stage?
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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    Why exclude entry fees?

    No real reason for this as such, its good to get that cost too, but thought we could tot up equipment separately [:D]
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    garyroberts wrote:
    Why exclude entry fees?

    No real reason for this as such, its good to get that cost too, but thought we could tot up equipment separately [:D]

    Fudging the figures to look good eh? Dye your eyebrows and call yourself Alastair...
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    Road Bike - 899

    Race TT Bike - 3500

    Training TT Bike - 2500

    Wetsuit (race) - 399

    Wetsuit (training) 150

    Aero wheels - 1000

    Bottle Cages - 75

    Servicing - 250

    Misc (chains, cassesttes, brake pads etc) - 500

    Clothing - 500

    Trainers - 250

    Tri Shoes - 150

    Road Shoes - 100

    New cleats - 45

    New peddles - 145

    Seems to be getting expensive. Ah well, i enjoy it!!!!
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    I'm too scared to post the "real" cost of the last 4 months.. the WAT might see the total and she might suspect I have a "slush" fund somewhere that she doesn't know about.... needless to say since my first Tri in September that was really cheap to enter.. (just old bike, trainers and just a new pair of Tri shorts) I have attempted to purchase all the kit I THINK I will need and therefore spent too much..

    The things that I have found over and above what's already been specified:-

    [ul][*]Food - especially from the canteen at work.. all this commuting means I'm generally eating breakfast at work and often lunch too..[*]Milkshakes for recovery drinks[*]Nutritional products - carbs drinks, (run & biking), gels, powders and others..[*]Washing powder & fabric conditoners...[*]new clothes horse and hangers to help dry kit quicker.[*]more shower gels[*]more shampoo & conditioner - ** the only this I'm vain about is my condition of my hair... (not even the cut/style, just the condition of it[:)])[*]a second Garmin 305 watch after I misplaced my first one and without waiting to see if it turned up buying another one.[*]lots of bike accessories, especially inner tubes... (just in case)[/ul]but on the flip side, I now save money on petrol... or is the reality I commute so frequent beacuse I can't afford petrol anymore???

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    ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    bike £399 (40% sale :))

    helmet £40

    runners £100

    Wetsuit £99 (wiggle orca s2)

    socks £30

    Cycling shorts £40

    tri shorts £60

    tshirts/cycling jerseys £70

    running tights £40

    turbo trainer 99

    profile jammer aero bars 99

    tape 5.00

    Continental gator tyres £40

    Turbo Tyre 10

    cycle computer 20

    bike shoes 40

    pedals 30

    sis milkshakes + energy drinks 50

    physio 120

    sports assessment 130

    gym membership 720

    swim lessons 50

    books £100+

    tri entry costs so far 200

    bike tubes/repair kits 20

    lap counter 20

    sunglasses 60

    oh my GOD!! no wonder i am broke.

    oh and gloves 20

    laces 5

    what does that come to...


    oh man, that is like the price of the bike i want.... Im gonna be shot if this gets out.. DELETE THIS POST ;-)

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    jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    On the plus side the water bill has gone down as I now have 2-3 showers at the gym each day and rarely one at home, also the electricity bill should have dropped as I spend so much time out running/cycling/swimming that I just sleep when at home.
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    graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Britspin wrote:

    So how do you get to the 'everything gets given to me now' stage?

    Yeah totally agree Britspin - I think I'd like to be at this stage!
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    clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    I suppose i better get involved in this.

    Bike: Trek Madone 4.5 £1600

    Pedals: Keo lok £149

    Shoes: Shimano TR50's £149

    Bike accesories: cages, bags, pump etc £100

    Helmet: £89

    Flight deck computer and Accesories £65

    Blue tyres: £60

    Orca apex 3.8 wetsuit £349

    Underwater MP3 £68

    Swim aides £25

    New asics running shoes £90

    Club tri suit £45

    Club cycle top £45

    Million mile socks £15

    SiS various products around £40 a month

    Swim coach £240

    Physio £120 and on-going

    Week at Les-stables training camp around £600.

    That isnt including training kit, entry fees and flights
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    Blue tyres?
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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Hmm. Is this going to be cathartic or just painful?

    I only have details of my bike worked up, so here goes...

    First Incarnation:

    Second hand trek 1500 £550

    Bolt-on tri bars £25

    Blackburn 4.0 cycle computer £25

    Second incarnation:

    carbon TT frame £330

    LBS workshop (decided not to swap all the drivetrain etc over myself) £40

    Aero bars, extensions and brakes £85

    Dura Ace bar end shifters £15

    Carbon wheels £150

    total outlay £1,220 not including track pump, race tyres, CO2 pump, saddle bag, probably other bits and pieces. Oh, yes, like oil, chain cleaner, etc.

    Everything second hand except a Met Ippogriffo helmet and some Carnac tri shoes.

    I reduced my WAT on this by selling the bits I no longer needed back on Ebay as follows:

    Trek 1500 frame and forks £175

    Ultegra levers £85

    Bolt on tri bars £20

    handlebars £15

    original wheels £still to sell

    so my net outlay on the bike alone is £925 so call it £1000 to allow for bits I've forgotten. This got me:

    Dolan pallotola carbon TT frame, Profile design aero wing bars, T2+ extensions, QS2 brakes, dura ace end shifters, full ultegra everywhere else, Spinergy Rev X wheels.

    Then there's the "training" bike - spent £360 on that; ordinary (non - race day) shoes, plenty of clothing, etc. Let's call it £1500 in the last two years.

    Oh, then there's gym membership at £25.50 per month, swim sessions at £2 or £3.50 per week depending where I go, maybe £100 on sports drinks and supplements, car fuel, BTF and club subs...

    I'm going to stop now because it's getting scary [:o]
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    Ron99Ron99 Posts: 237
    I'm scared to write it all down in one place - not of the missus - more afraid it'll send me into some kind of cathartic despair..

    At least 2 grand (and counting), and I haven't even had a race yet! Doh.
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    AndreAndre Posts: 103
    Ok, here goes mine. I've included my winter triathlon equipment, as I race all year round, so that's bumped it up a bit, but I've excluded 'consumable' items such as clothing, training and race nutrition, inner-tubes and gas canisters, and I know there's other stuff I've just simply forgotten which would probably add at least another £1,500!

    Giant TCR Advanced 3 Road Racing Bike: £1440

    Shimano 105 Pedals: £40

    Shimano TR 31 Shoes: £70

    Profile Jammer GT Aero Bars: £75

    Profile Aero Drink Bottle and Bracket: £25

    SBR Sports Saddle Bag and Bento Box: £15

    Continental GP Attack/Force Race Day Tyres: £60

    Giro Ionos Helmet: £100

    Exposure Joystick Maxx 2 Light: £145

    Blackburn Mars 3.0 Light: £15

    DHB Elsted Bike Box: £145

    Innovations Air Pump SL: £15

    SKS Airworx Control Track Pump: £30

    TACX Satori Trainer: £150

    TACX Antares Rollers: £120

    Boardman Mountain Pro Cross-Country Racing Bike: £720

    Northwave Lizzard Shoes: £65

    Fischer RCS Cross-Country Skis inc. Salomon Pilot Bindings: £270

    Marwe 610 Skating Rollerskis inc. Salmon Pilot Bindings: £245

    Salomon RS Carbon Skating Boots: £120

    KV+ Viking Cross-Country Ski Poles: £65

    Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS with Speed/Cadence Sensor: £220

    Suunto T3C Heart Rate Monitor: £100

    Foor Quantum Wetsuit: £50

    Aqua Sphere Vista Goggles: £15

    Zoggs Swim Paddles: £5

    Zoggs Nose Clip and Ear Plugs: £5

    Zoot Tempo+ Summer Racing Shoe: £70

    Salomon SpeedCross 2 Winter/Cross Country Racing Shoe: £65

    Nike Air Pegasus+ Training Shoe: £45

    So that's just over £4,500 spent in less than 9 months and I've budgeted another £3,000 this year on race entry and training, travel and accommodation. I'm also looking to by a fixed gear training bike - any suggestions? - and a 'proper' triathlon bike in next month or so, probably a Felt B2 or Scott Plasma 10.

    Damn, when you look at it like that, it's pretty disturbing, isn't it?
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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    what have i done? what have i done? i think this question is better left unanswered, before you tot up you just keep rounding down and rounding down again, this totting up is ruining all that hard work.
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    gomiboygomiboy Posts: 59
    The Wife doesn't surf here, so should be good to say...

    For my first tri -

    Bike from Halfords - can't remember the model. I only remember how much it was (400) because it was nicked the next year right before London and I had to do it on my mountain bike.

    Helmet - not new (used to mountain bike quite a bit so used the same helmet

    Wetsuit - hired for 35

    Goggles - I think they were 10 quid

    Running shoes - 60, but I didn't buy them for that race but for something else.

    Sunglasses - used an old pair of raybans as I didn't have race-specific ones.

    Shorts - ran with running shorts, and biked with bike shorts (really long transition :() - 35 each

    Top - I ran and biked with the same bike jersey, which was 70 quid

    Bike shoes - again, had them from my mtn bike so used those.

    Pedals - Shimano clipless for 30 quid.

    Watch - Timex Ironman

    Now the real question to ask is how much is this Ironman gonna cost me?

    Trek 1000 road bike - 1000

    Clip-on aerobars - 90

    Bike computer - 40

    Helmet - 100

    Bike shoes - 100

    Running shoes - 100

    2XU wetsuit - 170

    Goggles - new Zoggs, 1 pair clear, 1 pair dark, 9 quid each = 18

    Prescription sunglasses (tri specific) - 100

    2XU Tri shorts (on order) - 80

    = 1,798 pounds on kit

    Accomodation - 150

    Travel - 50

    Food - 50

    WAT - weekend in Scotland, so 500+

    = 2500+ pounds.

    Lost of other things I won't count, like socks, running tops, training clothing, nutritional products, etc... as I use that stuff for other things; the stuff above I only use for triathlons so that's all I'm counting.

    It's like getting your P60 at the end of the year - that's when you finally realize just how much money you've gone through!

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    clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270

    Yeah the bikes blue and white so had to get blue tyres!!!!!!!
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    gee...I dunno, but to paraphrase a certain Mr Ant...'don't drink, don't smoke, thats what I do.' Besides what else would I spend it on?
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    MintyMatMintyMat Posts: 98
    Let's not frighten people! I started this malarkey in Feb and haven't raced yet!

    £200 - Giant OCR 3 - second hand 2007 model, as new.

    £30 New pedals

    £35 New shoes

    £10 gloves

    £12 top

    £9 base layer SS

    £12 base layer LS

    £28 West Wight Triathlon Entry

    £40 Henley Triathlon Entry

    £14 Zoggs Predator Goggles (leak)

    £3 Tesco goggles (great!)

    £11 Zoggs trunks

    £10 Carbon Stem

    £6 2 new inner tubes

    £4 Bottle holder

    £8 bottle (super camelbak silicon one!)

    £120 Annual Swim Pass for my local pool. (Discounted as I work for the council).


    I still need some shorts (£30) but then I think I'm there for this season.

    I think I've been excessive. I can't believe how much you guys have spent!

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    MintyMatMintyMat Posts: 98
    Forgot to say that I already ran loads so have all the shoes and run kit already, including Garmin 205. Not counting that though!
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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Conehead wrote:

    I've just re-claimed £1500 on ebay by clearing the garage out. That is also WAT free.

    Is that not WAT deductable ?

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