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Entry level, but decent road bike?

I am not doing the triathalon, and I am not from the UK, but I came across this forum in search of information on Raleigh Road Bikes (and general info). I am in need of some help in finding a decent, affordable (and by that I mean extremely inexpensive) roadbike to begin working towards long charity rides. I am a complete beginner, no prior knowledge of cycling and no idea what I am doing. All I know is that I want to do this :)

I have been looking at a couple of used bikes (my budget is about $130 CAD, not much, I know) and I need some suggestions/input. I fear local shops, as I don't have the money to spend in their stores. I have been frequenting the following sites in search of something used... I am from Victoria, British Columbia in Canada...

craigslist.com (for Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo BC)



I am a student who wants to begin charity rides, so unfortunately I don't have a really nice bike in my future as of yet.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated. If you send me an e-mail at [email=rideforcancer@rocketmail.com]rideforcancer@rocketmail.com[/email] I can send you specific models if you are willing to help.




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    hi there heather,

    welcome to the forum. It seams to me that you are neglecting the one place that can probably help you the most, your local bike shop....

    After all the people that buy from them are most likley to be selling a cheap second hand one, also the shop may let you place an advertisement in the window and can advice you on what would or wouldn't be a good one to pick up,and if its for charity they more likley to help than not, besides the people that work in there have done a bike ride for charity themselves and can simpathise.

    swallow that pride of yours and bite the bullet, what the worst that can happen?

    Sorry if i jabberd on ive had way to much caffine today!!!

    Thats why im still up @1.00am
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    Heather, unfortunately 130 CAD work's out to be about £70 here in the UK and with that you've got to be looking at your LBS for inspiration and advise then its trawling through good old Ebay, your gonna be hard pushed for much more advise with your current budget as there's alot more to factor in than just buying a bike, what do you want MBike, Race, Hybrid etc then there's height do we go on....

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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Hello Heather.

    Its like the tri dwarf said you wont get much for amonit you have. I would ask in the local bike shop for a second hand bike!

    You need to make sure you know what type of bike you want or need..

    Its great that you are doing charity work and good luck!
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    First of all, thanks for the responses! And thanks to Blinkybaz for e-mailing me to let me know of the reponses. I thought the forum would notify me, but I guess not :)

    I know that my budget is quite low, which is unfortunate. I wish I had more to spend on a bike, because I would like to make this a long term project and a good bike would really help me achieve that goal.

    I am seeking a road bike, most definitely, as I would like to take on longer rides as my skill increases. When I dedicate myself to something, I usually do quite well and wish I had invested in better quality products with more versatility. Unfortunately, at the moment, I don't have that option. The most I can spend is about $220 CAD for a working bike that can last until I can get a better one, and get me through these few 200km rides. With regard to height, I am 5 ft 11 inches tall. Long legs, 34" inseam.

    Are there any older models I should keep my eye out for? I don't mind getting a vintage bike in good condition.

    I will also suck it up and go to my local bike shop. Im sure they can also suggest some options and possibly help me find the right fit before I lock into something.

    Thanks again for the answers, I will check back periodically from now on :)
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