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London - how did you all do?

Hi everyone - how'd your races go on Sat/Sun? Weather on sat was a nightmare!

I raced Sunday, my first OD (and only my second tri) and i finished 2hrs and 50mins exactly. Am delighted!



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    WisemanWiseman Posts: 10
    Hi Mate

    Yea, my first tri - done the Olympic yesterday.

    Swim was a mental struggle but ok

    Bike fun / fast although slow round corners - sometimes a bit tight going by etc.

    run fun - seemed a bit short though??


    very pleased for a first timer
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    gunforhiregunforhire Posts: 457
    Did okay for a newbie.

    Corporate Sprint - 88 out of 219 with a time of 1:27 (winner did it in 1:08)

    Stuff happened though...

    - got mugged in the swim! It was an open water stampede!

    - chain came off on the bike

    - got a stitch 1km into the run

    - slipped and fell with 500m to go.

    ...so all that added up and cost me time.

    Never mind. Stoked! Even got a Jim'll Fix It style medal!


    Next one in 2 weeks.
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    HarriHarri Posts: 40
    Nice one guys, both great efforts.

    Wiseman, i hear you on the swim... conditions were quite tough i thought - the return leg it was seriously choppy - kept expecting to sight and someone in front of me but all the splashing was mostly from the waves!

    How typical that today is a lot less windy!
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    paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 67
    overall time 2.21.08 for Sunday afternoon OD

    swim not bad, bike windy buy dry, run not bad

    bike was only 38k which was a shame and the run is 9.8k, so have to add 5mins on to my time really.

    that said, the run into T1 for Sunday afternoon people took an age :)

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    Was in the very last wave on the sunday with 417 others .

    The swim was just crazy and i couldn't wait to get on dry land.

    Had great ride and run coming in at 2hr 33m 03sec.

    Well pleased [:D]
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    well done guys - all great times!!

    I'm just tapering down for my first OD this coming Sat :)

    not looking forward to the open water part ;) lol
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    bigAL99bigAL99 Posts: 13
    First OD for me time was 3:17:27 was in the first wave 6:30 Sunday. Overall really enjoyed it but the swim was tough due to not being able to train after dislocating my shoulder. I've already entered for next year I got a time to beat now
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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    First race at Oly distance for me 2 hours 56 minutes, under my target of 3 hours, and under the tri247 predictor which suggested 3 hours 12 minutes.

    The 0700 Sunday start was a bit early and the drove out of the area took an age. Managed not to buy anything in the Expo, but I was only after a Snugg wetsuit (I was hoping they would do the measuring for me!)

    Swim was a scrum, had a massive hit in the face, and also a few kicks in the ribs, I've played for 80 minutes and not been hit so many times!

    Signed up for next year though, all races prior to this have been sprints, the extra distance is great and I loved it, thinking of doing a 70.3 next year now.
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    Nice one Lucky! Loved the Oly distance - first time for me too! Didn't think conditions weren't too bad - enjoyed the swim but the headwind was horrible on way up to westminster. Q: how much fun was the Blackwall tunnel?? (I'm thinking of heading down at 4am next sunday when there's no traffic - anyone up for it?? Only thing that annoyed me about the whole thing was the gormless twerp marshalls out on the bike course - most standing staring into the middle distance listening to iPods looking bored out of their minds adding nothing to proceedings - wouldn't have killed you to cheer us lonely bikers on at 8am would it?!?! Next year's organiser please try to recruit people that actually enjoy the sport...
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    I did the Saturday Sprint in the afternoon and during the 750m open water pub fight[:@] managed to slightly pull my calf (trying to kick the bloke away from me who'd just nearly knocked me out with a punch/elbow to the back of my head[sm=rolleyes.gif])

    Kept it together just about and made sure I didn't aggravate it during the bike & run.

    With the driving rain & high wind + injury I was delighted to PB in 1.22.52. (171st out of 1405)

    Given me every confidence of going sub 1.20 next season although principle focus now is on OD tri's.

    Well done to all those who braved the elements over the weekend.
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    It was my first tri; 3:07 was great for the fact I've done it, the swim nearly killed me with practically no open water training, but it's just left me with a thirst to do more and be quicker. Am I the only one?
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    zoezoe Posts: 28

    Congratulations to everyone who survived the swim!

    I watched some of the starts on Saturday and early Sunday and couldn't believe how many they had in some of the waves. Someone told me that one of the waves was 400-ish... i would not have wanted to be in the middle of that!
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    well done guys,

    I clocked in at 2hr 41mins 33secs in my 1st Olympic distance. The swim was worse than rucking and mauling!!! Enjoyed the bike, especially the tunnnels...clocked 43mph through them at one point!!!

    One sad thing to the day was the fact somebody walked off with my wetsuit, goggles and trendy swim hat after the race and kindly left me a big f**k all.

    Hopefully it was a mistake and they will kindly return it to the organisers!!!!

    Apart from that i enjoyed it.

    Just 2 more races left this season wth the Orca classic and Brighton Olympic. Hopefully will beat my time!!! Then its training, training, training and a new shiny Cube Aerium HPC (sexy sexy sexy fast fast red carbon beast).

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    taytay Posts: 18
    Hi! I did the corporate sprint on Sat too - and nearly drowned getting kicked at the start, but loved it, and managed 1.32 which I was happy with.....thames turbo next (nice pool swim so no more open water for me this year...!)
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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    zoe wrote:
    Someone told me that one of the waves was 400-ish... i would not have wanted to be in the middle of that!

    491 in my fight / wave.....

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    Morning all,

    It was my first Olympic distance on the Sunday as well so was very pleased to get a 2:18, think i'll have to enter the sub 2:30 one for next year! Was particuarly pleased with a 41 min run as that is normally my weakest leg. The swim is normally one of my stronger sections but really didn't enjoy this one.

    Just a theory, I did the UK 70.3 in June and found that although there were nigh on 1500 people in the starting wave (as opposed to 420 in my London one) everyone was alot friendlier. I mean you still did get swam over/under etc, but when you moved onto someone you both tried to get out of each others way. Where as at London I found that people would just resolutely carry on doing what they were doing regardless of who else they were hurting to do it! I just wonder if its anything to do with the 70.3 being mainly experienced and seasoned triathles (who I have generally found to be amazing friendly and accomodating) and London which had a huge proportion of 1st timers there.....

    Not sure but just a theory. Anyways, did really enjoy it but think i'm going for the UK IM next year so may not be able to fit it into the schedule.

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    Finished with a time of 2:56 so sub-3 hours and very happy.

    I went off at 7.30am Sunday and the swim was pretty cool as everyone went over the the right and thus the inside track alongside the buoys was completely clear ! what a touch ! had 3 or 4 shocking stitiches on the run which caused me to stop every time - wonder if that was due to the nice clean water in the Thames? Found everyone very friendly. The Blackwall Tunnel was awesome - my road bike handlebars were shaking big time with the speed ! saw a spectacular crash on the opposite side of the road - the guy seemed to cartwheel through the air. Hopefully he was ok. Had a chat with a few people on the bike and the run. Never experienced any nastiness. Superb day. Roll on next year and sub 2:30!
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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Stevedavis - sorry to hear about your wetsuit - happened to me too and mine was only three days old! I got left with an XL Neil Pryde surfing suit. Fortunately the guy who took mine realised his mistake and returned it and my number was still on my hat in my bag, so it's on its way back to me.

    I don't know that I'll be back for London again - I won entry through Mazda but I don't think I would have thought that £60 was good value!

    Got the Lastminute and Brigg sprints entry forms on my desk - looks like I'm hooked after my first outing! Hoping for sub 1:15 in those as only 400m swims.
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Hello all... I've already blathered on about London on the other thread here ( http://forum.220magazine.com/tm.asp?m=19139 ) so I'll not repeat it all.... suffice to say my injury assisted 2:52 was well below par but not exactly unexpected. I shouldn't even have attempted it.

    Anyway, who's brave enough to post their race numbers so we can all see your respective moments of glory on the finish line video camera here: http://virginmedialondontri2008.sportcamvideo.net/

    I'm 9222: I'm the bloke limping on the far right, being overtaken by everybody as they show off their sprint finishes. Look at the bloke in the [color=#ff0000]RED[/color][color=#000000] top go![/color]

    C'mon ladies and gents. Numbers please. Show us who you are! [:D]
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    Race Number 7874.....Blue, White and Yellow Orca Tri suit.
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    Number 7874
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    Hello All… I am so addicted to this tri stuff now, did London this weekend Olympic distance and beat my target by 32 minutes… I am over the flippin moon to say the least… Was aiming for 3:30, and got 2:58 and have never felt so uncomfortable in a 37 minute swim in my life… So glad I prepped open water as much as I did or else I think I would have died of shock…

    Anyway, about London specifically… Having done the London Marathon 2008 I can say that the logistics of this event are pretty poor… badly signed, organised chaos, goody bags laughable (XXX mints and a mini lipsyl), Speedo branded T’s rubbish and expensive… Awkward little cups to try and drink out of whilst running (and sponsored by a drinks manufacturer – where is the nice little bottles like the marathon)… Signs everywhere saying please use bins provided for awkward cups they give you (how can you place litter politely when your hearts BPM is at 95% and you feel like collapsing)

    5 minutes behind me in the bike the opened Limehouse Link so all bike routes were either shortened or diverted, I am not sure which I was so damn adamant I was gonna make it through before 5pm its all I could think about…

    What a cheek to say you have to get off the course as they are opening the roads… People may have been training for months, kindly collecting sponsorship off friends and family only to have to return and say “I enjoyed it but I couldn’t finish the course as I had to complete a 1.5K swim and 20K bike ride in 1 hour 20” - rubbish)…

    Anyway, aside from my little rant I can honestly say I had the best best time of my life, and I am addicted 100%...

    Bad Mazda / Drench / Excel / London – Good triathlon, bring on the next one…
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    Number 9688 with the hint of a smile [:-]
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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    10938 olive coloured shorts and tank. :)
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    Brok999Brok999 Posts: 10
    i knocked 40 mins off last years time to finish in 2:25:59

    I'm number 9656 with my girlfriend just in the picture on far right (blonde) cheering me across the finish.
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Brok999: that's one hell of an improvement. Congratulations!

    Nice finish, nivagh, you were flying!
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    i knocked 40 mins off last years time to finish in 2:25:59

    Agreed, wow!!!
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    HarriHarri Posts: 40
    Yay! The video's are up! Will check people out...

    I'm 6029, you can't see me until the last minute though cos of some bloke in front!
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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    4115 - think the problem was that my tri suit is mainly black, coming back in 2009 with a red number...
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    8389. I did just check it quickly first to make sure its not too horrendous.

    I was looking quite relaxed considering the sprint up the hill for the 2:18 finish, checking my heart rate monitor to be assured that yes, I was still alive and my heart rate was up to about 82% of max (target was keeping it under 80% for most of race)
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