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Newbie training question

Hi all

I started training for my triathlon about 3 months ago, I am doing the Stirling Novice Try-a-tri and the Ayr Open water Sprint triathlons this year.

Untill 3 weeks ago I was training indoors on the treadmill and on the bike - everything was fine. I ran my 5-6k and biked my 20-30k. I've never had any problems with impact based training before, but all of a sudden my quads just went during the run when I moved to running outside. The pain was unbareable both when running and when resting. My legs were in absolute agony.[:(]

I went to the physio who told me I don't stretch enough, and it had to be that because my legs/knees were fine. Ok admitted I am not very good at remembering to do that. So I started stretching properly about 2 weeks ago, now my quads seem fine, but the pain has moved to my hip flexor. Some days I feel nothing and other days it can be incredibly painful to get from a sitting position to standing. When I've walked around for a while the pain dissapears though. Running on the other hand seems to be quite hard, the impact can hurt real bad and it sorts feels like I cannot lift my legs properly.

The funny thing about this is that if I only do my running workout and nothing else my legs will be in intense pain, but if I add in my bikeleg then my legs seem to cope alot better and I feel alot less pain in my hip flexors.

Any thoughts would be very appriciated.

Thanks alot [:D]


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    al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    go to a running shop and get a proper pair of running shoes and a gait analysis.

    go to a bike shop and get your bike fitted correctly.

    I had hip flexor and achilles trouble for ages and it turned out iI needed support trainers as I tended to over pronate when running. New trainers...new me!
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    svanedksvanedk Posts: 11
    I went to a running specific shop and got new shoes. I overpronate as well, they did the analysis and all and the shoe worked great on the treadmill.

    Could it be the transition to running outside?

    I have purchased an extra pair of inlay soles to support my foot and reduce the impact. The impact bit seems to work slightly so that's good but other than that it remains the same.

    Thanks for you fast reply [:D]
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