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TriUK Experience

A few people on this forum had used TriUk to hire their wetsuit, so I thought I would too. Wetsuit arrived and when I opened it I discovered that it had a hole.

Now, the wetsuit had been bubble wrapped and the packaging was not damaged. I wrote to TriUK last night and said exactly that. By 9.30 am this morning I received the following reply:

[color=navy]Thank you for your email.[/color]

[color=navy] [/color]

[color=navy]As you have noted your suit was new and still in it’s original packaging, so I do not know how this has happened, however as a goodwill gesture I am sending another suit out to you today, with a pre-paid bag inside for you to put the first wetsuit in to return to us for inspection.[/color]

[color=navy] [/color]

[color=navy]Yours in Sport[/color]


[color=navy]TRI UK INC[/color]

How about that for service?! Needless to say that I am thrilled about their approach (usually it would cost £15 per wetsuite to post it back now, receive a replacement and send it back at the end of the season = £45, plus potential repair/claim costs, etc).

I am really impressed and will be a loyal customer!


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    stratoTomstratoTom Posts: 36
    Picked up one of their tri packages and got absolutely sterling service from start to finish (I went to the shop btw). Throw in the endless pool for wetsuit fitting plus the general approachability of all the staff, good stuff.
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    herman3101herman3101 Posts: 7
    I've hired their wetsuit and love it. Went out for a swim on Wednesday and felt great. Was worried about how good the suit would be for £40 for the season but am chuffed to bits with it.
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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    I got my wetsuit there last year,,, good set up etc. I found the staff a little off hand to be honest - not rude just not... enthusiastic... minimum of help and advice.

    the one exception being the chap in the bike section that kindly pulled out a 2K Kona DH bike just so the kids could sit on.


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