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How long to rest?

I did my first Sprint Tri on Wednesday (still a bit sore but it is to be expected I assume) but my proper A race is the London Sprint and I want to keep on training for it ... how quickly should I get back to my training programme (deviated from it somewhat to fit in the race)? Most of the literature I've had access to stops at the satisfaction of finishing the race (fecking brilliant by the way) and don't deal with rest and recovery afterwards ... any tips?


  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    In my experience, it is when you feel that you can train at full intensity again, then wait a day. But that was based on running only, after my first tri i waited for 2 days and then got back to it witha gentle swim followed by a short bike ride of 30mins or so to help recovery. Full training took me about 4 days. That said i think it depends on how quickly you recover generally and how hard you went in the tri. i know i held back a little more than i should as i didn't hurt the next day. Won't make that mistake again!
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