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Had a great ride in nice weather.

I did a 3hr 47 which was ok - got very cluttered at the hills waited for 20 mins at one! ... I've never done it before but I'd do it again.

How did you all get on ?

Conehead - did you do your 2 way challenge ?


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    timtim Posts: 43
    Had a good ride this year, good for ironman training i recon... I have cycled home after for the last 3 years and this one was by far the least painful, all the training must be paying off.

    Weather was perfect for a gentle roll in the country, my 6am start actually became 6.20ish with the 1000s of bikes lined up at the start, once out of town it was time to put my foot down and I was pleased to note my time was over 20 minutes faster than last year, 2hours 50min to Brighton, then it was time to start the hard slog back to Woking, so after regrouping and fighting with the sat nav to give me a route without Motorways. I set off, battled through the wall (it would have been so nice just to stop for a quick snooze) seeing Guildford was a welcome site but my front door was the ultimate in relief, I had made it in 2h 50min (yes the same as the first half) and I was home before 12.30pm after a few minutes to take on food other than sugary gels and juice I set off at a surprisingly reasonable running pace to my parents (2miles away) to collect my car. Once home again it was time to rest, a job well done methinks. Today? tired, a little sore but otherwise able to carry on!

    how did you guys who were going to do the the route twice get on?

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    gdh250467gdh250467 Posts: 237
    Glad to hear that you treated the whole event os onebg brick session. Some people never seem to fail to impress with their dedication.
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    MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    Team Squishy (me & the g/f) did it for the first time. No idea what our actual "ride" time was as we seemed to spend most of the first half queuing at every hill. All I know is we crossed the finish 7 hours after we crossed the start, and I reckon for at least 2h of that we were stationary.

    1) Getting up Ditchling Beacon on the first attempt & the view from the top
    2) Crossing the finish line with my g/f
    3) Really well organised and marshalled event & great atmosphere

    1) Some nob knocking me off at the bottom of Ditchling Beacon just as I was about to start my ascent
    2) The roads not being closed - can't help but feeling that an event like this in France, Italy or wherever would be done on closed roads
    3) Bit of an anticlimax coming in to Brighton town as it was stop/start through about 5 sets of traffic lights amonst full flowing traffic - see point 2 above.

    Saw quite of few of the Double Trouble guys kitted out in Bridgtown Cycles gear, spoke to one of them on a really nice looking black Felt TT bike at the top of the Beacon.
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    Not sure about Conehead, but heard he dropped out at last minute due to injury. Myself and J27rt, plus the other 6 riders, finished the first run in 3.04. We were then ferried back to the start at Clapham and completed the second run in 3.50. Like others have mentioned, we found we were standing and queueing due to congestion at hills and also junctions (on the 2nd run). Another point had us waiting, as two ambulances tending to the injured, had caused a bottle neck.

    All in all, good ride, shame about the trains not letting bikes on after though. Ended up having to cycle halfway home with a huge bag slung over my shoulder.
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    steviedonssteviedons Posts: 10
    First go at the L2B for me as well, wasn't meant to be doing it but got talking to someone from my gym down the pub that was organising a mini bus up there he had someone drop out at the last minute so I took their spot.

    Luckily had an early start got through the line around 6:20 first 10 miles or so was a bit crowded and slow up some of the hills but didn't have to get off at any stage. Once out into the Sussex contry side things got going speeding past all the MTB riders . Had a quick stop to refill my bottle at the ardingly stop, should have stopped earlier as was starting to get a bit of cramp im sure from lack of fluids.

    Was trying out a couple of gels on the way, not used them before, must say worked well didn't have any stomach problems, and could really notice a nice boost in energy. Managed to time one perfectly so it kicked in as I was heading up Ditchling. Got up fine but got serious cramps in both legs on the down hill section into Brighton which spoilt the finish a bit.

    Was a great experience, furthest I had ridden up till then was 32 miles so learnt a lot. Will be there next year to try and beat my time 3hours 8mins.
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    gavinrigg06gavinrigg06 Posts: 176
    Excuse my ignorance, but could someone please give details of what the LBR is....

    I have figured out so far that it is a London to Brighton bike ride, and by the sound of it several thousand people attend - is it just a free for all ?? or is it an organised event ?? as I have never heard of anyone having to stop due to bike traffic to ride up a hill !!

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    j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
    Gavin - It is a British Heart Foundation ride with thousands of riders, but as it is on public roads anyone can just join in and ride the route. It would be impossible for the marshalls to pull all those out without numbers on display. It is a fantastic day out
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    willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Shame Conehead - I didn't see the boys though.

    I was really pissed of at the walkers too. I spent at leats 45 mins waiting to climb hills - they just walk across the entire width of the road.

    the worst bottle neck was in Chipstead after the decent and under the bridge - I had time to unclip from the bike, eat a banana, have a gel, phone the wife ( who kindly stayed up all day after a night shift - 29 hours with no sleep in the end so I could do it) and wait 25 mins for a friend to try and find me.

    I also got rather annoyed with the chavs that joined the ride at certain points and then spent 2 miles cutting everyone up before they ran out of energy and carryed on drinking from their Tennants Super T cans.

    That said I will be doing it again next year - I think an early start is best and then hammer the 1st 10 miles and hopefully have a clear road ahead.

    My start time was 0700 but was late so my mates waited till 0730 before we could get going.

    Think I could do a 3hr 30/40 with no traffic, on a good day, with a tail wind.

    Well done all
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    BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    I've never done this, but have always wanted to, and will one day when I can get myself togther. But I loved watching everyone come into Brighton - it's magical. We get wwwwaaayyy too many petrol events in Brighton that choke up the seafront - it's always such a joy to have the town full of bikes.

    Well done to everyone, and thanks for cheering up my day as usual.

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    willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    I can't edit my post!!!!!

    Looking for a 3hr 15 next year.

    Right - how do I edit my own posts ?
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