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Stomach problems and nutrition whilst riding

Does anyone experience stomach problems whilst on long rides (5hrs+)? My appetite goes and I don't feel like drinking either. I 'think' this might be something to do with the pH in my stomach and I also have cravings for milk afterwards - does this sound silly or is there another reason. Nutrition wise I just have 1/3rd of a mule bar every 20mins washed down with gatorade - is this considered too chewy for my stomach and should I look to use gels?


  • revershedrevershed Posts: 49
    Day before:
    0600-0700 Swimming
    0710-0735 Cycle to work
    0740 - Breakfast: porridge, 3 bananas, raisins & seeds

    Mid morning
    x2 oranges
    x1 plum

    chicken with rice

    Mid afternoon snack

    1730 - cycle home
    1800 - 1hr 30min run

    baked potato
    fish & vegetables

    Drink about 2.5-3.0l of water over the period of the day

    Get up at 6am, have breakfast immediately. Usually large bowls of Crunchy nut with semi skimmed milk and a bagle washed down with a pint of water.

    Start ride at 08:30

    Have a 1/3 mule bar every 20 mins and a sip of gatorade about every 10min. I usually take pain killers (ibuprofen) after about 2hr 45min, the stomach problems probably come on after in between about 4-5hrs? In total I have about 1.9l of gatorade in total but don't carry a bottle of water.

    Could it be that I'm taking on too much sugar on my long ride leading to stomach problems? Would you suggest that I watered my drink down as this only happens after many hours in the saddle? I don't get the symptoms in the week, but that said I don't use energy drinks or bars in the week.

    Hope this is enough detail?
  • why you poppin painkillers?

    Also i get some god aweful cramp if i have dairy too soon before a session, maybe its the milk?
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    You should not take Ibuprofen on an empty stomach

    Craving for molk - do you have an ulcer?
  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I used to take ibuprofen regularly to reduced migraines and it got to the point that taking ibuprofen actually made me ill. If you need painkillers try taking paracetamol or another NSAID like voltarol or asprin for a while, though if you really need to take painkillers regularly then you should be seeing a doctor, if you already are then tell them about the stomach ache.
  • revershedrevershed Posts: 49
    Thanks Just about to head out now after scrambled eggs earlier - I'll let you know how it goes.
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