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Taper for OD

In the interest of getting more triathlon related posts on here, and drawing on some of the more experienced guys... er. experience. What is a good day by day taper leading up to an OD next Sunday?

And on a more personal level, as part of my taper should I do a 30km bike / 10km run brick this arvo, or should I be cutting my distances back a bit?


  • chapperschappers Posts: 97
    I'm not experienced, just making it up as I go along, but I did my first OD yesterday (2nd tri) at ripon. This is what I did from sat last week..

    Sat: 2.25km ow swim (basically to check I was ok with the distance as shoulder still not right after cracked rib)
    sun: brick- 1.5hrs turbo with intervals and a 10km run at race pace
    mon: 4km row, 5km farlek and core
    tue: 40min turbo early morning, evening brick- 40min turbo, 4mile run
    wed: hill intervals (7mile overall), evening 1.5km easy paced pool swim
    Thurs: nothing, rest and eatI
    fri: brick- 20min turbo and 10min more than race pace run

    sat was the race (slightly over standard OD as bike was 44km) finished in 2:27:57

    I'd go for the brick today! Good luck next week
  • [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    I'm doing the same race and i did an almost full race distance today. 37.5k bike + 10k run, mainly to prove to myself that i could cover the distance and finish the race! Was easier than i thought, but still hard work.
    Go for it i say!
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    this has generally answered a question I was going to post.

    I've been conscious of tapering correctly before my first OD at Strathclyde. A few weeks back I done a sprint onthe sunday, 10k run + 2.5K swim on the Thurs and then a OW sprint the following sunday.
    on the OW sprint I was foocked.... I had nothing in me.

    Conehead, you seem to recommend not tapering but how come I was so gubbed on the OW sprint? I either put it down to too much too quick or not recovering properly. So is it not a case of everyone is different and to how fit you actually are? surely a novice should be looking to taper properly, even for purely good practice if they have longer distance aspirations?

    I was fully intending to taper the week leading up to the OD but I'm thinking now that I'm gaining fitness levels then I should be looking to push myself.
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